FS: Gillette Fatboy with case and blade holder, G1

Discussion in 'The Badger & Blade Marketplace' started by Maher, May 24, 2009.

  1. SOLD for 36.00

    Up for your consideration a G1 1961 fatboy in great condition, I would rate this as mint but I will not, this is rated as GOOD condition for the only fact that the number are a faint a bit as you can see, other than that there is nothing wrong with this shaver, I have a G3 and it is one of my favorite razors. As you might have read it is for the new wet shaving converts set at lower dials and for the more aggressive shavers set up and kicked up a notch :001_smile. Comes with its original case and blade holder with one blade that is stuck and I can not get it out.

    Asking was 39.99 NOW 37.00 shipped North America, Internationale pay actual-2$ and shipping is from zip code 98281

    and first PM gets it

    thank you
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  2. price drop from 39.99 -> 37.00US$
  3. more pics for the silos from each side.
  4. pal


    Maher, this must just be a bad day to try to sell something being Memorial Weekend. I just checked and there are only 138 people on the forum right now. You have a great deal here. Anyone should jump at this deal.
  5. OOOOH!! I want this. I must resist....
  6. thank you Rich, yes it is kind of slow
  7. Nice - too rich for my blood at this time.
  8. bumb :a50:
  9. Oooh, I'm so tempted.

    But I only want the case ( this unit is only slightly more expensive than my purchase for FB only ) ...... just got FB a month ago off BST... I'm not a collector but would be nice to have case for my FB which is my everyday shave.........must resist........suppose I could buy and sell the "worst" FB and have a FB with case....nooooo..noooo............ must resist........ :tongue_sm
  10. I've been window shopping for these for a month now. This IS a great deal for someone who has some discretionary funds. Which, alas, isn't me at the moment.

    Cheers to you Maher for offering this up here and not on some flea-ridden auction site where you'd probably get more money.
  11. argh wish i had gotten paid on Friday, I would be all over this. I dont get paid till this Friday :(
  12. thanks guys; I know they go for higher on eBay but it is really a hassle and I prefer give a good deal here ... if I make what I paid I am more than happy :001_smile
  13. SOLD to wallaje pending PayPal

    thanks wallaje and thank you B&B

    PM SENT.

    I'll just have to roll some quarters :blushing:

    Seriously, I've been trying to go to sleep tonight and this Fatboy is tormenting me. Every time I count a sheep a little shiny Fatboy jumps over the fence instead. I had to tiptoe out of the bedroom in my boxers and here I sit. Finally, I can get some sleep. Hopefully I can get back in bed without disturbing SWMBO.

    Thank you Maher.
  15. UGH! Saaaawwing and a miss. I'll get you next time you little cherub of a razor!

    Thanks anyway. Hope you enjoy it Wallaje.
  16. LOL, it took courage to get it, but fate was faster ;)
  17. I cant wait to try this one out. I've been looking for one here and ebay for a while. I decided to stick with B/S/T as suggested by fellow members.
  18. Well done Wallaje. I'm sure you wont' be disappointed.

    Why put up with the high prices and the unknown condition of any Ebay purchase when you can purchase on BST and be pretty sure you'll get a fiar price and a product that's as described by a B&B member ( ever seen the posts where sellers get "bagged" for having their price too high ? )

    My FB from BST is currently my go to shaver as I learn my technique. I'm moving to my Aristocrat #16 soon though, as while the FB is the "pinnacle" of Gillette Engineering, the Rhodium #16 is just so pretty........

    Enjoy !!!!
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  19. Fatboy arrived today. I cant wait to use it tomorrow. Thanks again maher and B&B.
  20. great, enjoy your shaving

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