FS/FT – Gillette Super Speed 48/49 #1

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    FS/FT – Gillette Super Speed 48/49 "#1"

    One of the top razors for beginners but appreciated by seasoned shavers as well. This razor for sale falls into the working category, as she will not win any beauty contests. The handle looks nice and clean, and the silo doors and inside of the head are very pretty. Not so pretty is the brassing under the head/neck of the razor and on the corners of the safety bar. Mechanically this razor is in excellent condition.

    Considering I use a Super Speed from the same years that has lost both end caps and has enough brass showing you’d think it was the original finish, I am compelled to say that this razor is simply showing some character! As with any razor I sell it has been cleaned thoroughly with scrubbing bubbles, polished with MAAS, and given a bath in fresh Barbicide sanitizer.

    Price is now $13.00 shipped CONUS with no additional fees or fuss. This razor is fluent in many languages and is not afraid to travel ‘round the world if you spring for the cost of the flight.

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