FS/FT: Citizen Eco-Drive WR200 BM0550-51A

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  1. This watch is from the 2002 Diving Collection and is no longer made. I bought it new about 7 yrs. ago and it has been worn infrequently. The crystal is absolutely flawless (any percieved imperfections are reflections in the glass) and the band and body have normal wear for a 7yr old watch. It is an Eco-Drive and will hold it's charge for 6 months in the dark after a full charge. It recharges with just about any light source available and has a low charge indicator. The pearl white face is beautiful and it has a date dial and rotating bezel as you can see. Screw back case and screw down crown. The entire band and body are stainless steel and this watch can easily fit in across a range of clothing. From a suit to business casual to shorts and a T-shirt. I have seen old stock going for about $225, but most places have sold out long ago. It will come with a full charge and has been professionally cleaned. I'm asking $110 shipped, but will consider a partial trade for

    Exc cond Red Tip or Fatboy
    Opus 1870 sc
    DR Harris Lavender sc

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  2. *Shielding his eyes from the glare*

    Tiz purty!
  3. beautiful watch
  4. Very pretty watch. What is the diameter and thickness of the case? Thanks.
  5. Pretty watch...Is that a 35mm crystal?
  6. I don't have the exact specs on the watch. I'm sure that Citizens Customer Service could give out any details that I don't have, but I'll also post some additional pictures from the side with a reference item to give an idea of the case thickness and diameter. I may just give Citizens a call on Monday to post some of this info if it doesn't go this weekend. I've had quite a few bites so far.
  7. Trade offer pending.
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  9. Couple questions:
    1. Have you ever had the gaskets replaced? (Citizens recommends it every 2-3 years because of degradation with age.)
    2. Can you tell me the Calibre/Case numbers from the back (7-9:00 position)? The are just a wee bit too far from focus for me to read.

  10. Hopefully these answers address the questions above.

    -Case measures 42mm diameter by 11.5mm thick
    -No gasket replacement.
    -Movement E110, Case S000017

    Let me know if there are any other questions to be answered. Currently still available.
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  12. Sold

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