FS/FT: Cella and Omega Silvertip

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  1. Hey all,

    Thanks for taking the time and looking. I Have Sold Everything!

    I am try to sell these items as I do not use them often. I actually bought the big Cella brick and it doesn't seem agree with my skin. I don't have pic but I can post it later. I don't mind to trade it all if someones willing to with QCS (brand new). If not I'll sell it for $22 with shipping Also I've reduced the price of my Omega 632 Silvertip

    The brush is for $37.60 and I believe its a killer price. Its only been used twice and is pretty much brand new. I paid $62 with shipping.

    You can have the whole lot for $55 and that's including shipping.

    Please PM if your interested and I have a little wiggle room for negotiation.

    Have a great day!
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  2. Pending on both items!
  3. That is a killer price for the brush!
  4. Did the brush ever sell? I would be interested.
  5. Hello Xslim! it has been sold but thank you for your interest my friend!
  6. $IMG_4112.jpg




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