FS: Dirty Bird Pottery Scuttle

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  1. For Sale - Brand New (used 2x) Dirty Bird Scuttle. Received 1 month ago. Absolute perfect condition. No chips or cracks. Will ship within 1 business day.
    1.5 Size
    Blue Rim on Spice
    Regular Swirl Lather Rings

    Price - $50.00 + shipping $$SOLD

    Shipping cost depends on location.

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  2. Beautiful scuttle here, $5 less than direct and no 4 week wait!
  3. Yeah, I really like it but believe it or not, I started using the old vintage scuttles and started collecting them also.
  4. SCAD kicked in..:drool:
  5. Gorgeous scuttle with beautiful colours. Good luck with the sale.
  6. PM sent :001_smile
  7. Please don't edit out prices when marking things sold.
  8. Prof. Moriarty

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  9. It seems that Soph Gent has been off-line ...so I will tell you that I bought it for $50.00 + shipping :001_smile.
  10. luvmysuper

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    Please spread the word - Folks should leave the prices on their ads and not delete items or prices.
    The info is useful when other folks are searching to find reasonable prices for gear they are selling.
  11. Sorry for the error. I am so used to my golf forum where you have to immediately go in and put SOLD over the price. Thanks for the heads up.
  12. ...very nice scuttle........

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