FS: Den clearout - Penhaligon BB Tallow, B&B QED Soaps, Dubl Duck Satinedge (etc).

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  1. Entire lot is sold. Some stuff available from ikeyballz (see last post for more info).

    Gents - Its time I got rid of all the stuff I never use. I should have better macro pictures up tomorrow. I'd like to sell all of this shaving stuff as a lot. Below is a list of everything in the lot. Please PM me with any questions.

    B&B QED Sandalwood (95%) - $30
    B&B QED Wild Rose (95%) - $30
    B&B QED Violetta (95%) - $30
    Penhaligon BB (Tallow 5th) (about 40% remaining)- $20
    Monsavon Tallow x 4 (all brand new) - $40
    MWF Puck/Bowl (95%)- $15
    Safari Puck/Bowl (95%) - $15
    Safari Puck (brand new) - $10
    Burl Thuya Wood Bowls (please note they are slightly smaller than a shave puck)- $15
    T&H Preshave Oil (new) and Crabtree Evelyn Cream Key - $10

    Sheraton - $20
    Ranger Tech - $20
    Superspeed x2 - $10
    President - $50
    Fatboy - $25
    Cased Fatboy - $40
    Cased #77 - $40

    6/8th Easel Razor, Germanay- $20
    5/8th Thistle Co., USA - $5
    5/8th Hibbard & Spencer, Germany (v. small chip) - $5
    5/8th Joseph Allen, Non XLL, Sheffield - $15
    5/8th - Joseph Allen, Non XLL, Sheffield - $15
    5/8th - Wade Butcher, Sheffield - $5
    6/8th - (NOS) Shlenker - $50
    6/8th- (NOS) C-MON - $80
    6/8th - Wade Butcher, Sheffield - $40
    6/8th - Dubl Duck Satinedge - $60

    Creed Winsor EdT
    Crabtree Evelyn Sandalwood EdT (90%)
    James Bronnlwy EdT Sample
    Feather DE Blades x 40
    Derby DE Blades x 30
    Astra DE BLades x 5
    Blue Bird DE Blades x 5
    Frenchman Green Clay (15 masks or so worth)
    Nivea AS Balm (90%)
    Noah's Cucumber Extract AS (40%)
    Thayers Rose Witch Hazel (clear bottle)
    Irish Moo's AS Splash Sample

    Conservative Total (excluding freebees): $715.
    Asking $500 + actual shipping (Probably around $15).



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  2. pm sent on Cased Fatboy - $40 and 1 ss

    + safari puck
    + feather blades
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  3. PM sent, although I just figured out the lot part. Let me know if you change your mind
  4. +1

    i tried to be quick but failed to read
  5. I'll PM you guys if I end up splitting it up. :001_smile
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  6. Yikes! Now that's a den clearout! Best of luck!
  7. Wow, that is a great deal though for all that good stuff.
  8. DROOL :001_tt1:
  9. If you decide to part out, let me know as I'm very interested in the straights. I'm just getting into them, my first is from Whipped Dog, so anything <$20 would be great, especially a 6/8 razor.
  10. TOO MUCH STUFF......

    Could use 75% of what you have (maybe...) but the remaining 25%.......

    I'll be keeping an eye on this listing should you decide to break it into manageable "chunks"
  11. Interested in one or both of the OC safety razors if you do decide to part the lot out.
  12. Anyone interested in doing a partial purchase with this? I'm also interested in the last two of the straights..and I'd be in for a $100 or so. If anyone wants the entire DE lot for $200, and another $100 for the other straights, and one last person for the entire soap lot we can purchase this!

    By the way, those prices are awesome.
  13. Can someone tell me what the difference is between a QED soap and a B&B QED soap?
  14. I'll join in for the partial purchase and put in 200 for the DE's
  15. Ok, I just got a PM from taco. If anyone is interested in any combination of the straights/soaps for ~$100 please PM me quickly! This deal probably wont last long..
  16. i'm in on over a hundred as it stands for a number of those DEs and have offered to buy more if need be . . .
  17. by which i mean to say that i could also do 200 for all of the de's . . .

    but i know interest has been expressed already for the oc razors
  18. Lot is sold pending payment. :clap:
  19. PM'd on lot purchase, to split with taco and keith.

    Taco $200 for DE lot
    keith $100 for some straight razors
    me: $100 for some straight razors

    Still looking for a purchaser of the soaps and remaining straight razors! (ill be fronting this for now!)
  20. bummer.

    oh well. enjoy your shaves fellas :)

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