FS: DE/SE lot (Blacktip/cased Micromatic/Injector) - relist

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  1. Up for sale is a lot of duplicate razors that I have need of letting go to start funding a str8 AD, uggggg. This would give the beginner a little bit of everything to try :welcoming:

    All the razors I believe are mechanically sound and straight, although I've not shaved with any of them. I consider them all user grade as they have various plate loss and signs of usage through the years. I would prefer not to break them up this time around.

    CONUS only. Paypal fine. Other pics available on request if you have something you want to see better.

    Asking $44 shipped for the lot (20% relist reduction)

    Splitting lot again.......$12 for the blacktip PENDING, $12 for the injector, $20 for the cased OCMM

    1952 Gillette Blacktip [datecode X-2]: plastic TTO knob has a few dings in it, a few small spots of plate loss on the back plate, water spots/scuffs on doors (they are smooth though).


    Cased GEM Micromatic: Green case is decent shape. A little tip on one corner broken you can see in the pics, and a faint bit of discoloration? on the front bottom edge of the case which might polish out as I've not tried to polish this case. Both the blade cases are in good shape with no breakage. Lettering inside of case is decent. Razor has good plating everywhere except the head door where it has a few spots missing and some decent scuffing of the plating. Good blade stops and mechanically fine.





    Schick Injector: Plating seems to be nearly completely intact on this one. Handle is solid and in good shape.

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  2. in my opinion that price is over the top.

  3. If you think so. If I broke the prices down to individual pieces like I had listed before it would be $12 for the black tip, $12 for the injector, and $20 for the cased OCMM. I don't think those are terribly out of line. Shipping out of that will be about $5-6 because I track and don't ship in padded mailers so things can get bunged up. So that makes the actual price of the three razors about $38-39.
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  4. Nice posting, the black tip is one of my favorite. Prices are right in line as I have traded on all that is offered here, this would be a great way for some one to try several types of razors.
  5. I am interested in the black tip, if you decide to split. Thanks.
  6. I think he meant the price is great!
  7. Blacktip is sold.

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