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Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by letterk, May 3, 2006.

  1. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    I have for sale sampler packs of the most popular DE blade brands. These include:

    Swedish (Euro) Gillettes (Please see this thread in regards to the latest Gillette situation.)
    Crystal (same as Israeli)
    UK made Wilkinson

    (Photo is of Large pack)

    Economy (5 Derby, 10 Crystal, 5 Wilkinson, 10 Dorco) $8.75 + shipping
    Standard (5 Gillette, 5 Feather, 5 Derby, 10 Merkur, 10 Crystal) $15.50 + shipping
    Extended (5 Gillette, 10 Feather, 5 Derby, 10 Merkur, 10 Crystal, 5 Wilkinson, 10 Dorco) $21.00 + shipping
    Large (10 Gilette, 10 Feather, 10 Derby, 10 Merkur, 10 Crystal) $24.00 + shipping

    Please place orders here: http://westcoastshaving.com/
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  2. Hey John,

    you should have guessed i'd be first up here with my request: 5 each blade sampler thanks.:biggrin:

    I think this is a sterling idea and would be most surprised if people didn't jump on it. i wonder if any 'old hands' will take you up on this. I mean, do people always settle on one particular type of blade or do they like to rotate??

    Anyhow, let me know when you want paying and I'll Paypal ya!:biggrin:
  3. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    Hi Andy,

    You may have been up first, but I'm just as interested! I've been wanting to try the Gillettes, but didn't want to pay the shipping.

    I'll start accepting payment when the Swedes get here. Hopefully, they don't take too long.
  4. I'm in for 5 each.
  5. I'm in for ten of each. This is a great idea!

    (the other) Andy.
  6. John-

    I'm in for a 10-of-each-blade pack.

    This is really a great initiative... Thanks!
  7. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    MaxTO, philosophyandrew, and SurfFisherman have been added to the list.
  8. Thanks, let me know the cost with shipping to Manitoba, Canada, R1N 3P8. I'll use Paypal.
  9. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    Gary, you've been added to the list. I updated the first post with shipping info to Canada.
  10. I would like a 5-each pack. Thanks! (U.S.)
  11. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    TraderJoe has been added.
  12. mrob

    mrob Moderator Emeritus

    Do you take PayPal?

    I'll take 5 of each except for Merkur--have plenty of those.

  13. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    Yes, paypal is ok.
  14. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    The Gillettes arrived today. Now I'm just waiting on the Feathers.
  15. Any news, any news?????:tongue_sm :tongue_sm
  16. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    Still waiting on the Feathers. They were shipped on Monday so they should be here today or tomorrow.
  17. Ooooooooooooooooooh, exciting!!:biggrin: :w00t:
  18. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    I received a message that I have a package at home. I'm expecting a few, but maybe it's the last of the blades!
  19. letterk

    letterk Moderator Emeritus

    :sad: Denied! Was two other packages I was expecting. Shaving stuff, but not blades. They HAVE to get here tomorrow.

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