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  1. PRICE REDUCTION After some consideration, I have decided to put my cased NEW model Big Fellow back up for sale. According to the razor rating guideline, I believe this razor to be in GOOD/VERY GOOD condition. It is very shiny and quite the looker.

    -There is a stable hairline crack in the usual place, very light pitting on the underside of the razor head, and light scuffing on top of the razor head from use.
    -The case is in GOOD condition, with some brassing on the top. The interior shows some light fading.
    -The blade case is in EXCELLENT condition, no plate loss, with minor scuffing.

    Please check out this thread for more shots of the razor and case. The razor is the American one on the left in the photos.

    Big Fellows are fairly heavy and aggressive shavers. They are well suited to tough beards. If you are a fan of the Merkur Slant and are looking for another razor along similar lines in terms of aggressiveness (but with a straight head), you might consider a Big Fellow.

    The price is $130, including CONUS shipping and paypal fees. Please PM me with any questions. Thank you!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  3. Wow, really nice.
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  5. This is still here....:confused:

    After rethinking and taking the time to grade this razor so accurately why has no one scooped it up.

    This is a very nice piece. as described.
  6. Bump and Price Reduction to $130.

    I know SOMEONE wants :santa: to bring them a Big Fellow!

  7. Wow, gorgeous.

    Good luck with it. Too bad I'm poor.
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  10. Price Reduction to $125 for the set.

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  12. Final price reduction. If no one wants it, I'll just hang on to this guy for a while. Thanks for looking!

    :santa: $110 including shipping and paypal fees. :santa:
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  14. Big Fellow is SOLD!!!
  15. Very nice one!

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