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  1. Clearing out some stuff from the cabinet. Prices include first class USPS mail in CONUS. Paypal preferred.

    Penhaligon's English Fern shave soap in wooden bowl, with box. Used about 5 or 6x. Tallow listed as first ingredient. $45 SOLD

    Coates Almond shaving cream. Used once. Well hydrated, not dry. $22

    Coates Lime shaving cream. Used twice. Well hydrated, not dry. $22 SOLD

    Art of Shaving Sandalwood shaving cream. Used maybe 4-5x. $20

    Cella shaving soap. No longer available.

    Semogue 2015 Silvertip badger brush. Bought new from Vintage Scent about a couple of months ago, has seen very little use. 22mm knot, 57mm loft. $40

    C&E Best Badger Brush in box. I bought this new from C&E, and is in excellent condition. Has not shed a single hair. $35


    Vintage boar brush, butterscotch PJ style handle with inscription R86(?). Made in England. Not sure but I think handle is bakelite. I bought this thinking to have the knot replaced by Bernd but never got around to it. $25
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  2. PM on English Fern, Coates Limes
  3. PM on EF
  4. Great, now we get to see who was the fastest!
  5. did you pm first or announce the pm?
  6. Neither, I sent a PM via ESP...I actually saw the English Fern soap coming on the BST 5 minutes before it was posted...

    Nah, I am full of crap and I announced the PM first...so I am guessing you got it.
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  8. Additional brush photos added.
  9. PM send on the Semogue 2015 Silvertip badger brush.
  10. Still available.
  11. Sunday bump
  12. Semogue brush is on HOLD, the AOS and BBB are withdrawn. Thanks, B&B.
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