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  1. SOLD

    Good morning, after noon or evening :biggrin:

    I have had this razor for a while, shaved with it maybe 3-5 times but not in the last couple of months as I moved to open comb. This is a great shaver and looker at the same time. Pics don't give it justice, you can store this as collector or use it, I used it as shaver but certainly this is not shaver grade, the case is in good shape except for some scuffs near the top of the silos and the top part of the inside of the case is a bit discolored.

    I will sanitize and polish before shipping it out.

    Paid 150.00$ for it then I will let it go for 125.00$ shipped worldwide and paypaled. :wink:

    Thank you and good luck
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  2. Beautiful #58, Maher! I shaved with mine just yesterday and along with it's HD Rocket and #59 brothers, it's one of my favorite shavers. And a nice price for its condition. Snap it up, guys!

    GL with the sale, Sir! :wink:
  3. Simply Beautiful.
  4. That is as beauty and I bet even more impressive the described. Mahers A+ in my book. If I only had that kinda coin for fun right now :(
  5. forgot about this, a lot of PMs with offers. Thank you all not looking for trades, I confess I am selling to get one of those new two banded Rooney that just came up, been really lusting for one :c18:
  6. Maybe take this line out of the OP: "I am also open for trade offers, lets see what you have". Just so it's clear to folks.

    Very nice looking razor. If I had the ka-ching ching, I'd be buyin' the bling bling. :biggrin:
  7. Just when I thought you couldn't have a more beautiful avatar. You one up yourself.. Nicely Done.
    Also I recently bought a nice Rooney Emillion from vintageblades and it's two band. I love it..
  8. thank you
  9. next week another avatar, more ehm nice LOL. Vintage blades here I go,

    Oh SOLD thank you Tom and thank you B&B. If the buyer wants to comment on the purchase he is more than welcome, I will not disclose anything but he got a nice deal :wink:
  10. TaJ


    The #58 is on its way to me. :001_smile
    Being not very careful i asked for more. I ended up getting three instead of one. The other two are a Nickel replated canadian Old Type with bulldog handle and a gold replated Sheraton. :biggrin:

    All three for 250 $US, i think this is a great deal for really nice razors. Thanks again Maher, it's been a pleasure!

  11. thank you Tom, I need to look for new razors for me now LOL that is why I am looking for the #15 it is time again. enjoy them my friend
  12. TaJ


    I wish you good luck in getting a really nice one and once you get bored with it pm me :001_smile

    take care Maher
  13. you mean you still have more money, didn't I clear you out :lol: have a great day
  14. TaJ


    Then don't get bored with it too soon, this might give me enough time to save some :tongue_sm
  15. TaJ


    Hi Maher,

    your shipment of the three beauties arrived save and very well packaged. I'll have a good time trying them and the many nice free samples and the QED shave stick :biggrin:

    It's a pleasure to interact with- and to buy from you, let's do that again! :001_smile

    Cheers, Tom.

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