FS: Assortment of 5 Creams and a Soap

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  1. All prices shipped CONUS ---
    Ingram Brushless (used x 2), $10
    Cremo Cream (used x 2), $10
    Provence Sante Verlaine (used x 2), $10 ***SOLD***
    Truefitt & Hill Sandalwood (85% remaining), $16 ***SOLD***
    TOBS Avocado (75% remaining), $$14 ***SOLD***
    Prep Sapone da Barba, menthol, camphor, and eucalyptus (used x 2), $12
    I use only a clean butter knife to remove creams from tubs.
    Please send a PM if interested.
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  2. This seems like a great deal! Some classic creams in here!
  3. PM sent.
  4. Dear Brothers.
    I've sended you two PM's. Could you please confirm that you have received them?
    Thanks a lot. Have a good sale. :thumbup1:
  5. Pablo, sorry about my confusion, we're on the same page now, and thanks for your interest! *Complete package is still available, for CONUS only!*
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  6. Hi Gary. As I told you in my PM, for me everything has been Ok and you have been very considerate and with good faith. :a14:

    I hope to trade one more time with you in the future. My best regards.
  7. PM sent with question.
  8. Response to question has been sent, meanwhile all items are still available.
  9. PM sent re T&H.
  10. Provence, T&H, and TOBS are sold to David (Opliko).
    Ingram, Cremo, and Prep are still available.
  11. Cremo Cream, Prep Shaving Soap, and Ingram Brushless are still available.

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