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  1. I present the following:
    Old spice Grand Turk mug. Flawless. No chips, cracks, paint loss on logo etc.
    C.O. Bigelow 1.7 Oz Shaving cream
    User grade Adjustable slim. Mechanics are flawless. Opens & closes with ease. Auduble click heard through it's adjustment range on half & whole clicks.
    Knurling is of the smaller variety than what's found on Fatboy or Toggle.
    Badger brush. Used once.
    5 pack ofShark blades.
    Asking $35. Conus shipping will be "around" $10.

    SOLD! Payment Recieved!
    Thank you for your encourgement & participation.

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  2. AWESOME Deal, will not last, I'm grounded from spending by the girl... lol

    Good luck, wished I could get the mug =]
  3. The Old Spice mug alone is worth around $15-$20
    Great deal! GLWS!
  4. Nice!
  5. Very nice. Someone will jump on this.
  6. I would be all over that if I had the cash...a slim will be my next razor...I also want to get that brush...
  7. Hey guys,
    I've had several offers asking to lower than this and fact is this is pretty much at cost what I'm
    Offering. Thanks for looking.
  8. Don't you dare lower it, it's a steal. If not bought I'll pay you your asking, Dave

    Was trying to avoid this as I've spent enough lately that I shouldn't but it IS a great deal and I could use some more CO Bigelow. Dave
  9. DDH


    No need to lower that price; If you put just the razor on EBAY, it would go for 40 plus. If you take a look at BST, the slims are selling for aroun 20 or 30. That is a good price.
  10. Thanks guys. I know the econonomy is tough and all & I'd do my best to keep it at cost. I literally ran into the above items in Antique shops&fares (razor & mug). There's no markup. Just passing along whatever I can to someone who might want(I thinks & reaffimed by few here) an ok starter kit. As you have seen I've been sort of blessed with my "score" for this month & have adjustables coming out of my ears. Including Toggles!
  11. Is this still for sale ?
  12. Sorry it's sold.

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