FS: 4 Minty DE Razors

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    I have the following 4 DE razors for sale. (See pics below...)

    1. Fat Handle Tech (No Date Code) - Made in USA -- Asking $20.00 USD plus shipping -- SOLD!!!
    2. Ball Handle Tech (X4) - Made in Canada -- Asking $18.00 USD plus shipping
    3. Gold Tech (Z4) - Made in USA -- Asking $24.00 USD plus shipping
    4. Slim Adjustable (H2) - Made in USA -- Asking $30.00 USD plus shipping

    All razors have been boiled and polished (except for the Gold Tech, which has instead been cleaned gently with warm water, liquid dish soap, and a soft toothbrush). The Slim Adjustable has also been lubricated for your convenience. All razors are in near-mint or mint condition.

    The TTO knob on the Slim Adjustable turns freely and the 'silo doors' open smoothly and evenly. The adjustment dial also works as intended and all numbers remain black.

    All razors are free from brassing, rusting, or hazing of the finish. These are all from my personal collection (and I'm very picky about my DE's); however, I no longer seem to use them and am needing to pay off my new dSLR camera.

    International buyers are welcome. Payment via PayPal only.
    Shipping to the USA is $5.50 USD. All others PM for a shipping quote.

    PM if interested

    - Ken-




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  3. PM sent re the fat handle tech.
  4. #1 (Fat Handled Tech) is now SOLD!!!
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  8. I have a Gold Tech and it is a terrific shaver! Somebody jump on this one!
  9. Prices reduced... again... ...

    #2 Ball Handle Tech (X4) -- Reduced to $15.00 USD plus shipping
    #3 Gold Tech (Z4) -- Reduced to $20.00 USD plus shipping
    #4 Slim Adjustable (H2) -- Reduced to $28.00 USD plus shipping
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    Razors will be posted on eBay this weekend, if not sold... ...

    Final prices!!!
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  12. #3 Gold Tech is now SOLD!!!

    #2 Ball Handle Tech & #4 Slim Adjustable are still available... ...
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  14. pm sent
  15. Sale pending on #2 Ball-Handle Tech...

    #4 Slim Adjustable is still available... C'mon guys... don't make me take it to the Bay. :scared::crying:
    It's too nice a razor for that!!!
  16. #2 Ball-Handle Tech is now SOLD!!!

    OK... only the Slim Adjustable remains to be sold. To help sweeten the pot, I will throw in a 5-pack of Derby Extra blades, the storage/display case shown in the photos above, and a partial tube of Nivea Shave Cream.

    This is a great razor... in near mint condition... but it has to go.

    Anyone... anyone... Beuller... Beuller... ... ...
  17. pm sent hope you are enjoying the weekend
  18. ALL GONE!!!!!! :001_smile

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