FS 2006 B&B Ltd Edition Brush - your choice of color!

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  1. I've let my SBAD get out of hand (not that there's anything wrong with that!) with the 2006 B&B brushes. I have 3 of them, all black. It's time to move on and work my collection down to one of these brushes.

    There are two brushes left for sale, both finest silver tip, made for B&B by Edwin Jagger, gently used, in the original tube.

    $82 each to North American destinations (Priority Mail with tracking in the U.S.), $77 + actual postage elsewhere. Payment by PayPal only.

    Please express your interest or ask questions by PM.
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  2. Bring
  3. Mr. Scruffy

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    This is a wonderfully luxurious brush at a great price. Great seller too.

    I'd buy them both, but I already have two!!
  4. Beautiful brushes, Ken! Lee got my money yesterday but otherwise....:001_tt1:
    Best of luck!
  5. Price reduced.
  6. Very nice brushes... If my AD's weren't so outta control lately I'd definately be in for one. Best of luck on your sale!
  7. I hope one of these is still available. PM sent!
  8. PayPal and address sent!
  9. The Faux Horn brush is sold, but I have two ebony brushes remaining.


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  10. To

    ...with a final price reduction to $82 North America, $77 + actual postage elsewhere.
  11. I'm surprised that there's not more interest in these brushes. They're nicely designed, with a great loft and work well with soaps and especially well with creams.

    And, besides that, they're engraved with Badger & Blade right on the base!!

    Send me a PM if you have any questions.
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  12. These brushes are built very well. Solid, great shape and a very soft luxurious knot. I use mine solely for creams as I find it a bit floppy but it is an absolute luxury brush for creams.

    If you had a horn left I'd be all over it:cursing:. I only have the Ebony. :001_wub:
  13. Mr. Scruffy

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    2006 B&B LE + Endymion SC = Heaven
  14. My Horn Brush (sorry SlagleRock) arrived today! Thanks for the prompt shipping Ken. The little extras were an great touch too. Unnecessary, but greatly appreciated!

    I would do business with you again in a heartbeat.

    This is big upgrade for me. I currently use a $4 boar hair Van Der Hagen brush. I cannot wait to use this brush.
  15. I'm delighted that it got there promptly. I look forward to hearing how it works out for you.
  16. Congrats, guys. That '06 brush is totally luxurious!:001_tt1:
  17. Grats Dave, I hope it works as well as you want :D
  18. Oh I would love to get one of these... unfortunately for me I spent way too much money on my trip this past weekend to splurge on one of those gorgeous brushes. :crying:
  19. No worries! Enjoy that sensational cream brush!

  20. These are great brushes - as Rob does, many folks use them for creams only because of the "floppiness" - but don't stay away from them because they are best suited for creams - with a very simple *and inexpensive, reversible* mod, these can be transformed into scrubby soft-tipped soap monsters! see:

    de-flopping a '06 LE

    somebodies buy these brushes! Great price!

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