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  1. 1976 Gillette Super Speed with black painted metal handle (stamped with W/4). In perfect condition...SOLD.

    1930's Era, Gillette NEW 3-piece with Bulldog handle (no SN & Gillette Diamond with arrows). In excellent condition...$9.00, OBO.
  2. The 3 peice is not the "NEW" model but a Tech.

    Also, there has been some discussion on SMF saying the 1951 SS has to be a 70's model (since the black handles were introduced in 69). That would mean it must be a 1976 model (since the date stamp is W/4).

    If that is true, how come the Gillette Primer thread here: http://www.badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1303 shows 2 black handled models from the 50's? I am relatively new to this and am trying to learn how to ID these razors more effectively (since there seem to be quite a few to be found in my area). Any help is appreciated!
  3. i am sure that it is wrong.

    the razor that is introduced in that time period looks the same as that one but is all silver. i have a couple of them. the ones with black handles were introduced much later.
  4. After these items are gone & I am not going to be (looking for) or selling any more razors (I just wanted to make enough to buy a decent brush anyway).
  5. I don't need these & will accept any reasonable offers (I'm not a collector & I just want to cover my costs).
  6. You have PM

  7. thanks!

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