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  1. Jake

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    Here is a beautiful New standard in silver -- older than the New Deluxe but with a similar design & effectiveness in shaving. I would rate this razor as in very good condition. All is shiny, clean and well -- except for the lost tooth as seen in photos 2, 4 & 5. I guess for an 89-year old guy, losing a tooth isn't really too bad. This loss does not affect the smoothness or comfort with the shaving experience.

    There also appears to be a slight split in the handle, not seen in the photos. It is very faint, and apparently was patched at some point in the distant past, since the split is there -- but is filled in. The finish is excellent -- no pitting or scratches or brassing at all.

    The case is in very good condition, the lining pristine. The heft, balance, and design of this razor make it one of the best shavers available.

    Delivered N. America for the new price of $66 originally $77. Slightly higher elsewhere. PM with interest.

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  2. That's a pretty one! I have the same razor (minus box)! I love mine. I have compared it to a later New Standard and it seems to have a touch more length and weight to it. Nice razor:thumbup1:
  3. Great looking razor, and a great price to boot. Good luck.
  4. Nice razor but it's not New (of course:wink2:) but a New Improved model.
    Did you see one blade holder is from a Rolls razor?
  5. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Yes Erwin, you are right on both points. Good eye and thanks!
  6. beginish

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    Beautiful razor, Jake. Good luck with the sale.
  7. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    This razor is an example of a design that holds the blade tight and flat and offers a very smooth and close shave. Really a great design.
  8. The knob has a slightly different design than your standard New Improved. I think that makes it an Aristocrat (see here) which I assume is more rare.
  9. I just realized that my Bostonian Set has the same handle as this one. I compared it to the New Standard I have and it is most definitely different. Wow thanks for posting that :thumbup1:
  10. Why is this still here tempting me...if i didnt have two of these already it would be gone. Somebody buy this! great deal
  11. I wish I could but I am in the same boat as you.........
  12. Isn't this a new standard, but an early version? I am not familiar with the New Improved label... help please:001_huh:
  13. New Improved is the design. New Standard, Bostonian, etc. are all just different names for this type of razor. I think the only difference is what case they come in and whether they are gold or silver.
  14. Exactly correct. All are New Improved razors. I just call them by the names they are given by the sets they are in.
  15. Thanks guys! That definitely helped:thumbup1:
  16. Jake

    Jake Contributor

    Nice set you missed and it encourages me to lower the price on my offering -- a completely different razor set, but I would like to make my offering more affordable to more potential users. So the price is coming down to $66.
  17. Jake

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  18. Jake

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  19. Beautiful razor. Tempting, but I'll pass

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