FS: 1906 Gillette Single Ring Old Type DE Razor GREAT CONDITION

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  1. FOR SALE: 1906 Gillette Single Ring Old Type DE Razor GREAT CONDITION

    PRICE: $50 Shipped (USA ONLY PLEASE) SOLD TO DC_MPA!!! Thanks B&B!!!!

    Up for sale is an excellent example of an early Gillette Old Type Single Ring Open Comb DE Safety Razor. The razor in GREAT condition with only slight brassing of the original silver plating, no bent or broken combs, and 1 tiny hairline crack on the neck that in no way effects the structural integrity of the razor (see photo). This Single Ring has NO cracks in the handle which are extremely common with this model. This razor is also guaranteed to have NEVER been replated. The Gillette serial # is: 497861. Please PM if interested.

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  2. Oh my.
  3. looking good
  4. I've got to have it to finish my collection, a happy PM sent.
  5. Really? Finished your collection!!! Can this be possible?
  6. Always glad to help out a B&B collector and also happy to know this beauty is going to a good home. Out of curiosity, how big is the collection that this 1906 will be completing?
  7. It's possible and true! I now have a 1906 Single Ring, 1917 Military, 1922 Aristocrat, 1930 Goodwill, 1948 Superspeed, 1955 Red Tip, 1963 Flair Tip. The 1906 won't be used in my rotation and the 1917 Military I use as a edger for sideburns (I can't ever seen to keep those short and straight with regular shaving). After the 60's I wasn't too impressed with Gillette DE razors. I love the history with shaving as much as the shaving itself. Each razor I use I think about the era it came from. I use a decade a day and I let my face rest two random days. Just makes DE shaving more of a hobby than a task for me.
  8. That is an awesome collection! I found the 1906 SR to be too aggressive to shave with daily, but I strongly urge you to try it on 1 week+ of beard growth. It is AMAZING to watch this little razor transform a heavy beard growth into a BBS! Enjoy the razor!
  9. The razor collection is complete and now waiting for the 1906 to rest in the far left slot. In order it is (left to right): 1906 (empty slot), 1917 WWI, 1922 Aristocrat, 1930 Goodwill, 1948 Superspeed, 1955 Redtip, 1963 Flairtip.

    The brushes are (left to right): Rooney Heritage 2XL, Burma Shave, 20mm finest badger restore, 24mm short loft silvertip (yup that is a piece of pipe and nuts on each end), 26mm finest badger restore, 24mm super badger restore, 26mm super silvertip restore, 24mm short loft silvertip restore, and a 26mm Morris & Forndran.

    We made the shelf from a pre-made at Hobby Lobby and attached a 1x6 (I think) behind it. The razor holders are just pipe clamps bought at Lowes with the entire shelf on a walnut stain. Outside of that is just a few tubes of creams and a couple of cheap ceramic bowls to lather in.

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  10. I entirely agree. The 1917 is the same head and that was nothing close to an enjoyable experience. I found it to be a killer edger for my sideburns though :)

  11. Beautiful collection! Glad I was able to help you complete it! Happy Holidays!
  12. Same goes to you and your family.

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