Frozen Fragrances

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by nilserik, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Hello.

    I bought a 3ml smaple of Givenchy Gentleman from ebay and I sure love the smell so I bought a 100ml bottle from another seller on ebay.

    And it smells horrid! What could be wrong? Is it becuse the bigger bottle has a atomizer or could it just be a fake perfume? Or could it have been frozen during the transport here.

  2. Apply a spray, and wait 30 minutes. Then, smell it-- if it smells like the stuff you're used to, it's real and you just weren't getting the top notes due to rubbing the fragrance into your skin.

    If it doesn't, then either a) your sample was fake or b) the bottle is fake.

    Or c) it froze en route and that somehow screwed it up. Who knows.
  3. What did the ebay feedback from say about the seller?
  4. If it froze, shake the bottle. Fragrances can separate from freezing, but should reconstitute.

  5. How disappointing and frustrating.
    Givenchy Gentleman has been around for 37 years. It's pretty strong stuff. It's possible that one or the other frags you bought was exposed to heat or light or both and went bad. Then there's the possibility that one is a reformulation. Perhaps the seller of the bottle can give you some idea of how long he'd had it and when he bought it.
    In my experience, I have seen even the slightest change from one bottle to the next can put me off. Once we smell a frag for the first time, are we permanently imprinted?
    Good luck. (IF you PM me, I would be happy to send you a sample from my bottle for comparison.)
  6. Thanks alot people, far to kind.

  7. I don't really think perfumes/colognes can freeze (I have honestly never tried it) but they have a high alcohol content and it would take quite low temperatures to cause it to freeze.

    There is a good chance your bottle could be fake, there is alot of fake products in the market right now (I work in the industry). Costs $5 to make a fake and they are getting better at making fakes every day.

    Perfumes/Colognes also don't like light or heat, alcohol breaks down and it starts to smell rancid. It is possible the bottle you bought was not stored properly, (we recommend that perfumes and colognes be stored at 60* F).

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