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  1. Has anyone experienced shaving both with real straight razor and with feather artist club (SS or DX)? I've been shaving with a real straight and would like to switch to feather because of time restrictions. My mornings are coming very short and I have no luxury of time for stropping and maintenance of the straight razor. Life seems to have become busy lately and my hobbies are cut short. I've been eyeing a Feather Artist Club SS as a small indulgence of straight razor shaving once in a while. Has anyone tried one? Is it a fair substitute for a real straight for people who can't mess around with honing and stropping? I don't want to give up straight razor shaving completely!

    Another question: how difficult would it be to unload a good DOVO 6/8 straight razor, latigo strop, Norton 4/8, and a dmt 325 (for lapping). Where would be a good place to sell or, even better, trade?

    Thanks for advice!
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    It not a huge jump going to the Feather SS. I use one every so often and get great shaves from it.

    Here would be a great place to sell you stuff if you had enough posts.
  3. Do you have a SS or a DX?
  4. Wid


    I have the SS.
  5. The Feathers shave slightly differently, but if you are switching over you will adapt within a couple of shaves. They are great razors.

    Another possible option would be to keep your traditional straight setup and buy a Parker disposable blade razor since they're only $20 and use regular DE blades )and can also be made to use Feather blades with a slight modification). I really enjoyed my Parker, but alas, it was confiscated at the airport in Osaka on a business trip a while back. The Parker isn't quite as sexy as the Feather (which is a solid piece of engineering), but it is every bit as effective, and suits your need without having to sell off your goodies to fund it's purchase.
  6. Wid, which blades do you use for the Feather?

    Oh, I didn't know about the Parker. I'll look into it.
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    Parkers are a good gateway razor to Feather ACs.
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    I use the Kai milds and the Feather pro blades. I like them both and they both give great results.
  9. I have a Parker but I don't consider it a substitute for the Feather AC/Kai/SS/CJB style. The AC and clones are quite nice and give a lot of pleasure. They take a while to get used to, though. The Parker, in that regard, will act initially like a very sharp razor - the AC and clones do, too. However, the Parker is light and doesn't have the balance that I like with the AC and clones. The blade life is shorter and it just isn't the same animal (to me).

    Having said all that, it would give you a feel for it - just not the full monty.

    You can usually pick up an AC/RG for about $85 or so (I think they are occasionally on eBay for about that). Sometimes you can get used ones for even less. You might also talk to Paco about a CJB - which, for a Japanese style razor, is quite good and pretty much the equal of the Feather - but for about 2/3 the price.

    Selling your Dovo and kit could be done on the 'Bay or here on B/S/T. A complete kit should go quickly.

    I've tried most of the blades for the AC and they all seem to work fine. Even the Guard - which is probably NOT the one you want to buy since it is just a Pro with a wire guard on it - and if you do the math, it ends up being about twice as expensive. The blade will still cut you so the Guard is not that important.
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  10. If you can shave with a straight you will be fine with a feather. The SS might be a bit easier as it's less prone to cut you. But anything Feather (RG, DX, SS) or even a KAI Captain razor will do fine.
  11. The Feather Artist Club DX Japanese style was my first encounter with traditional shaving. (3 weeks ago :blushing:)
    I was not sure if i should buy a DE-razor or a Feather AC non-folding. But after thinking it thoroughly I went for the Feather.

    When i got the gear, i have to admit, I was a bit nervous. I was afraid it would be too advanced as a first-time "knife". But it turned out that it is PERFECT for me.

    Easy to change blades, a beautiful handle with a good grip and a comfortable center of gravity makes shaving a breeze.
    I haven't managed to get BBS shaves yet, but I have to say I love it FWIW.

    My setups is: As mentioned, Feather AC DX - Mühle Classic Style Silver Tip (size 2) - Fitjar shaving cream (Telemark) - Feather Pro Guard Blades.

    Now I'm looking forward to every shave. (Why can't my beard grow any faster? :001_rolle)

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