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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by bastimret, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I've been an electric shaver since my dad handed me down my first Norelco when I was a teenager with a dirty upper lip. After having spent the better part of the last two decades conveniently shaving in the car on the way to school/work, I have for some reason become infatuated in the last year with the idea of spending an extra 30 minutes in the bathroom each morning at 5:30am shaving my face with a sharp-ass bare blade. A feat which has never been done before unless it was in one of my wife's Lady Shick's when I desparately needed a shave and left my electric somewhere else (come on, I can't be the only guy that's had to do that before, right? :001_huh: ). This usually ended badly with nicks and a sore stinging face.

    So here I am, checking in before I embark on my new DE journey. Ordered up some supplies and my wife and kids will be wrapping them up for a Father's Day gift next weekend. Picked up:

    • EJ DB89L (w. Derby Blades)
    • Semogue 1460
    • EJ 99.9% Natural Soap
    • TOBS Avocado Cream (so I can try both cream and soap)
    • Musgo Lime Glyce

    Plan on picking up some Thayer's A/F Rosewater next time I'm by a GNC (they still sell it in B&M stores, right?) and a sample pack of blades from somewhere.

    Let the journey begin! Hopefully one that's not paved in too much blood :wink2:
  2. First! haha... welcome to the boards. Happy to hear you have made the transition from electric to wet shave! And no, you aren't the only one to have shaved with a feminine shaving product. Anyway, you've picked a fine razor for a starter razor. First thing (if you haven't done so already) is to check out mantic59's videos on youtube. They are the standard tutorial videos for the majority of people who hop aboard the wet shaving wagon. Technique trumps hardware so don't go overboard and purchase things to compensate for technique. Start slow and give it time. I almost threw in the towel after a month but luckily I did a bit more research and was able to find a system that worked for me. Been doing this for less than a year, but i still am learning. Good luck!
  3. I've watched a few of his vids but still have some more pre-education to go before I start into shaving next weekend. Also need to map out my grain as well. I'm not one to jump into anything without researching it to death first ;-)
  4. Welcome aboard!
  5. Welcome to B&B!

    You've acquired very nice supplies. Enjoy your shaves.
  6. Welcome.
    That's good advice you got from Apoc220. Find what works and stick with it. Getting a good shave trumps having all kinds of goodies any day. This is a site about shaving, not shopping - remember that as you read the forums.
  7. Other than a sample blade pack, and trying a few different things to find out what after shave routine I prefer, I don't plan on altering my purchased setup until I've got some good time with it under my belt.

    Oh, and I still need to find a cool lathering bowl.
  8. Welcome Aboard!
  9. Welcome to B &B !!
  10. Welcome to the forum !!
  11. Welcome to B&B.
  12. Welcome, and I think you make some excellent choices for supplies! Just bear in mind that the brush you chose will take some breaking in before it will perform as it should, but once it does I think you'll be very happy with it. Semogue boars are my absolute favorite, but don't be too surprised if it doesn't lather very well the first time or two.

    If you'd like, I could send you some Vito's soft soap and a couple different packs of blades to try. Just PM me if you're interested.
  13. Welcome to the group.
  14. Yea! That would be fantastic! PM sent.

    I flip flopped on brushes for the better part of yesterday before deciding on the 1460. I plan on giving it a few soaks and test lathers before I take it and the DE to my face for the first time.
  15. Greetings and Salutations to B&B.
  16. Welcome to B&B. You have made some nice choices. I have the EJ89, it' a nice razor.
  17. You should be safer with that bare blade than you were shaving in the car!
  18. Great gear for Father's Day.

    Welcome and enjoy!
  19. welcome to B&B!!
  20. Valid point. But I was generally safe about it. I didn't check my progress or missed spots in a mirror unless I was stopped. Otherwise it was still eyes on the road.

    Found out that there is an Art of Shaving store with a spa about 30 min down the road from where we are staying in Tampa. Heading to. A wedding this evening and was thinking about heading over to the spa for a shave. Is the experience worth the price they charge? How much does a shave cost at a good local shop usually (only issue being that all the high rated shops from online reviews are pretty far away from our location)?

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