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  1. I've never tried it, I don't think its available in Canada, but it looks interesting.


    Might be a good way for new converts to ditch that half empty can of goo.
  2. Hmm...quick trip to CVS for cheapest goo, quick subway ride downtown. Free Kiehl's product.

    Color me there!
  3. I used Kiehls shave creams before I discovered the brush!! Very good brushless cream.
  4. I use Kiehl's ASBs on a regular basis, and they are fantastic products. I have never tried their shave creams, so this might be a golden opportunity. Now I just have to find that can of Edge . . . . .

  5. It's not very good. Its probably the only Kiehl's product that I hate. Everything else Kiehl's is money!!
  6. I used that close shavers squadron brushless cream for years before I got my brush, it is great stuff that i would recommend if you want to travel light. The biggest drawback is that it is so thick that it clogs up a razor real fast, so you need to rinse a lot.
  7. I stopped into the Kiehl's on 13th & 3rd Ave in NYC last weekend, and was told that the offer was good for any of their shaving creams, including the Lite Flite Shave Cream (the brush-compatible one).

    I'm (edit: NOT) crazy about the Lite Flite, since the scent doesn't agree with me, but some folks like it.
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  8. Do you need the coupon or just a exchange full shave cream container?
  9. I just got back from Kiehl's, where I happily handed over a brand new can of Barbasol and got a tube of White Eagle cream plus some samples for me and my wife.

    Thanks, Confuzius, for letting us know about this!
  10. Eug


    Should I trade in a 9.5 OZ can of Edge Sensitive Skin gel for this? Please don't ask me why I have this huge can of Edge gel. But would this swap be worth it?
  11. Does anyone know if this offer holds at department stores that sell Kiehl's like Nordstoms?
  12. Eug


    I think only Kiehl's stores would honor this swap. Yesterday I went ahead and swapped my Edge gel can for their Blue Eagle cream and some other samples. The White eagle cream has numbing agents in it like benzocaine so I do think you guys would like it.

    BTW, I asked them what do they do with all the cans of shaving cream they receive. The girl who assisted me said that they empty the shaving cream into a huge garbage can and recycle the containers. What a waste of even bad shaving cream!
  13. I don't think you need the coupon. I think you can walk right in with your old cream. But the coupon mentions that the offer is valid only at their freestanding stores, so I'm assuming the Nordstrom's locations wouldn't honor it.

    I just went during my lunch hour and traded in an old half-empty $2.99 can of Gillette Foamy for a 5-oz. tube of their Blue Eagle ($15.50 retail). Not bad!

    It's brushless, but maybe I can use it for travel.
  14. Thanks, Going to head over to their flagship store on 3rd Avenue and East 13th Street and make a swap. I'm not big on brushless creams, but I agree I will use it for travel.
  15. Say hello to my old Gillette Foamy while you're in there. Tell it "nothing personal" from me.:biggrin:
  16. A friend and I are going to pick up some cheap barbasol and we are going to make the exchange.
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  17. I tried a sample tube of Kiehls shaving cream and thought it was one of the worst shaving creams I ever used. Not only did it dry my skin, it is not even thick and felt too watery when I spread it onto my face.

    not recommended:thumbdown
  18. Update:
    The sales associate could not have been more gracious and exchanged our cans of goo for one of their brushless creams. (I asked for a one to be used with a brush but was politely told the deal was only for the brushless.)

    I have posted in the past that I am not a fan of any of the brushless creams I have tried. But a deal is a deal and will plan to give the cream away to one of our summer interns this year. Get them on the road to proper shaving. Last year a fellow B&B member from Canada sent me a full tub of Kiehl’s cream that he didn’t like, I gave it to an intern. I am happy to say that intern has converted to D/E shaving for good and will never go back to anything in a can.

    Besides the cream they gave nice size samples of their products that I have used and loved for years. Face wash, moisturizer, and blue astringent lotion. They also gave a nice size sample fo their new razor bump relief. Worth the trip.
    For the record I still think their hair gel, shampoo and conditioner is the best out there.
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  19. I participated in the swap. Read that: Swat Swap. I chose blue bottle (white eagle) I am a huge fan of Kiehl's from lip balm to the musk, butI was amazed at how poorly this stuff shaves.

    I was disappointed enough to regret having given up my canned goo for this. The razor couldn't glide across my face and continued to jump and skip. Like it advertised, it numbed my face. I whipped up some Tabac to finish the shave. I asked SWMBO to check it out on her legs. Not even 1/2 way through her shave she replies, "this stuff sucks."

    Dollar for dollar vs canned cream you come out ahead on the trade, but as for quality it is questionable. The "close shavers squadron" at Kiehl's has crashed and burned with this cream.

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