Free honing services?

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by DominoM, May 22, 2012.

  1. I see so many experienced hands offering to freely hone, shave test, and return razors if owner pays P&P both ways.

    Is this just a cunning way to control razor acquisition disorder? Or does it make it worse?
  2. it's just a way of sharing goodwill, and showing off our honing abilities, or lack there of.

    We have some of the most generous and helpful straight razor shavers on the interwebs.

    by the way SRAD is almost unavoidable if you stare long enough.
  3. Like I'm showing off my sense of humor or lack there of? :lol:

    I keep forgetting dry British humour doesn't always come across in forums :blushing:

    I'm already suffering from SRAD. I've got more razors than I've had shaves by a factor of four, or is it five now? So yeah, if becoming great at honing will help head this disease off I want to know about it :innocent:
  4. So you only have 5 razors? Sounds like SRAD hasn't affected you yet. I think the cutoff is more straights than days of the month :lol:
  5. Isn't that the truth. Every time I get below 30 - 32, some more show up.
  6. Doubles checks ebay waiting list.. Actually I'm only on a factor of 3 and a bit, I didn't pull the trigger on the Gold Dollar 66s yet (I couldn't decide whether to get 5 or 10). 8 razors currently here and 5 more in transit.
    Now I think about it though, this cunning plan would probably just result in HAD instead :drool:
  7. Oooops... I'm cutoff... Nah... must be a typo. Cutoff is days of the year... right?
  8. We are all ate up with shaving. I recently had a friend in Ireland ship me 2,2 Palmolive and Toja just because he heard we couldn't get it here. Don't question... enjoy...
  9. you'll just want to hone more and try different stones
  10. My cutoff was at 5 I had it there while I had HAD, now it's about 10 and still have HAD. I'm screwed :lol:
  11. You got THAT right! I've never tried a straight razor, and don't own one, and I find myself searching the internet for them!
  12. So a 45 day rotation is serious SRAD or still beginning stages.????????
  13. i think someone recently defined a collection to started at about 230
  14. Two reasons why I do it. I enjoy honing, I like to help folks in the straight shaving endeavor-having a shave ready razor is a MUST
  15. Na you will be fine...I would buy a few more. :biggrin1:
  16. I'm thinking of measuring mine by the pound. I've got another load lined up for delivery in the immediate future..
    As scrap steel is around $240 a ton right now, I can tell the missus with all honesty, "Honey, I've only got about five dollar's worth."
  17. your humor wasn't lost on us, at least i know i got it immediately, as i have thought the same... but i think you would see lot more straights lost in transit on the way back...
  18. I didn't mean it that way. More along the lines of how many razors get bought, shaved once then stashed in the collection or sold on.

    "Phew, I've shaved with one of those, I don't need to buy one" or in my alternative increasing RAD scenario "I loved it. I do need to buy one" kinda things.

    I know I find myself buying razors for odd reasons. I got an extremely well worn "The Celebrated Es=ex Razor" as I figured it's half smile would be great for practicing honing. Of course since then I've seen the Es-ex and Essex variations and I get thinking how nice it'd be to have a good condition set of all three. I'm starting to think these razors call out to their friends to come join them. And I'd love to know more about the naming of these Carl Fredrick Ern razors - there must be a story behind the variations in the S.
  19. HA! I can't believe it. I've fixed your quote to be my quote!!

    Like I'm showing off my sense of humor or lack there of?
    I keep forgetting dry 'murican humor doesn't always come across in forums
  20. :a32:Well make sure you remember in future!

    :001_smile (Just in case)

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