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Discussion in 'Above The Tie' started by Stan, May 23, 2012.

  1. Stan

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    On July 1st. one lucky person will win free from Above The Tie, one 5.3 oz tub of Taylor of Old Bond Street Lemon & Lime Shaving Cream and an Omega Best Badger Brush with Stand. These choice items will make a great addition to your shave den.

    To enter, Like us on Facebook!
    This great prize will be shipped free to the lucky winner.
    So don't wait, Like us now!


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  2. Im in!
  3. I'm also in, i can pay shippping if needs be (in Ireland):001_smile
  4. Oh yeah! I'm in.
  5. bobusa

    bobusa Contributor

    I am in .. logging into facebook now..
  6. Liked. I'm in!
  7. I'm not on Facebook but good luck 2 the lucky person who wins the prize.:thumbup1:

  8. Facebook here I come!
  9. Liked! Gimmy gimmy gimmy:001_tt1:
  10. I'm in- just waiting to get some $ together to get into my next round of purchases!
  11. I'm in also.
  12. I`m in.
  13. In it to win it!
  14. I'm in! :)
  15. But how will you know I liked you on Facebook?
  16. Nice, I'm in.
  17. done and done! sweet PIF!!
  18. I'm in!
  19. I'm in.

    You know I had to google your facebook page. Couldn't find it after a cursory perusal of your website.
  20. Liked! those are some great giveaways!

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