Free $5.00 dollar gift card for Walgreens-Survey

Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by SilverKarn, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. I filled it out. Simple easy, we'll see about the gift card....
  2. Filled mine out. I can use some ASB
  3. What a stupid survey! It assumes that one buy vitamins to begin with, which means that those who don't cannot accurately answer the questions.

    Oh well, the $5 coupon can go towards a tube of MAAS.
  4. I've only bought Centrum from Wallgreens once, so i answered to the best of my abilities
  5. it's dead!
  6. I just recieved the $5 gift card today, has anyone else gotten theirs?
  7. Wil


    Yup- Dead site. Sorry I missed it- but thanks for the information.
  8. got mine today.
  9. Now that you have reminded me - No! Perhaps it's because I wasn't able to truthfully answer all of the questions in that survey, leaving many of them blank.
  10. I was not as truthful, i made sure every question had an answer, even if i had to make one up.

    its one of the things i learned trying to get free samples, products, ect...

    heck, after getting a free genuine swiss army knife a year ago, i still get mail for "Karn Motel" since it was supposed to be ONLY for a buisness, so i had to make a buisness name up on the spot
  11. My default name is Bob Newheart :lol:

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