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  1. My Frank Shaving Silvertip brush arrived today - 9 working days from order to delivery in the UK (it was estimated at 10-15).

    And it's beautiful - lovely soft tips, but well packed and with plenty of backbone. I'd read that some of the early silvertips were a bit floppy, but there's nothing floppy about this one, with a 23mm knot and 50mm loft.

    I've just given it a wash and left it to stand with some lather on it - but the aroma from it was only very mild, and nothing like the stink from some of them. I'll have my first shave with it tomorrow - with Mitchell's Wool Fat.

    It cost just £22 including shipping from China, which is astoundingly good value - and there's a stand included, which UK makers charge £4-5 extra for.
  2. Have you used it?
  3. Not in anger for a shave, but I've lathered up some Palmolive cream and it generated and held a lot of nice smooth lather - quicker and with less effort than my Vulfix 660 Pure Badger. Once I've finished giving it a wash and defunk I'll try it with a soft soap - and then I'll try it on the MWF tomorrow (and actually shave). And I'll report back.
  4. Here's my FS Shaving Brush Silvertip 28mm large knot. I love this thing and was the best $46 I've ever spent including shipping. My wallet was saved because if I got this same knot with a well known brand name it would of cost a lot more. Enjoy that brush.

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  5. They have different silver tips models, which one did you buy.?
    I m a face latherer and wondering also about the backbone,,,

  6. It's the "Warwick" model with a 23mm knot - you can find it if you check out the sales on eBay UK (I don't want to include a link to a live listing in case that's in breach of any promotion rules). I'll do a face lathering tomorrow with the wool fat and let you know how it works for me.
  7. Just done a quick test with some Proraso soft soap...


    That's a bit bubbly, but it was a quick result after just 20 seconds of loading the brush and there's masses of lather there - probably enough to shave a football team.
  8. Thanks for the shot I love lather shots! They make me want to go back and shave again...
  9. Great shots. That 28mm brush looks great too!

    FS brushes are on my to get list for next month for sure.
  10. I am expecting one in any day now. Can't wait to use it.
  11. Mine has treated me pretty well over the last year
  12. Here's a couple more photos...



    The first is from the eBay listing, and the second is after I'd given it a good washing - once with ordinary soap, once lathered up with cream, again with Proraso soap, then left for a few hours soaked in the Proroaso lather, rinsed and dried overnight. You can see how it's started to bloom already.

    The only fault so far is that the "FS" logo, erm, washed off with soap, which is not very clever - but I'm not really bothered about that.
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  13. Wash the stand too, so the logo comes off there too :tongue:
  14. Then they'll match again, yes! :biggrin1:
  15. I got delivery of the same yesterday, but in Best hair - test lathered it last night, hair seems quite similar to my Muehle 23mm synthetic silvertip.

    Will be giving it a go one of these days... These generally seem excellent value, but we'll have to see the performance in the long run as well.


  16. That looks nice too - I think I'll be getting another one before too long, in best or finest.
  17. Face lathering done, using MWF, and here's a photo of the first pass lather on the brush...


    30 seconds of loading just with the tips, and it felt every bit as good as it looks - and there was plenty to do 3 passes plus some touch-ups from the one loading.
  18. I've got a "small" ( about 21 x 48) FS in Finest with a bit extra hair (ordered it special) that is great for everything I want - bowl lathering, face lathering, soaps and creams. I've also got a "larger" FS Silvertip (24x54). I love the feel of this brush. It's just soooo soft. I've only bowl lathered with it, but when I do it creates lather that overflows the bowl. Some people have reported losing too many hairs from their FS brushes. Both of mine lost 3 or 4 the first week and nothing that I've noticed since them. Truly a great "bargain" brush for those looking for that sort of thing.

    Don't have any pics of the finest, but here's the Silvertip:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Whats the overall length of these brushes guys.
  20. Mine measures 10cm/4in overall

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