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  1. I just purchased one as the regular brush to keep at a place where I spend one or two nights a week. I'm curious to hear any of your thoughts on these brushes. I bought a silvertip brush (here's the link to it if you're curious):

    My regular daily brush is a Merkur Futur; I used the FSC brush for the first time this morning. I definitely have some thoughts about it but as I'm still a newbie to this I'd like to hear from more seasoned shavers who may have purchased / used this brush.

  2. I have several Frank brushes and like them very much. The silvertip is soft and does a fine job for me on both soaps and creams. Probably one of the best bargain brushes out there.
  3. Thanks, Poppi!
  4. I am using two FS Finest badger brushes in my rotation. For the money they are a best buy. I have a Rooney 3/1, a Truefitt & Hill 3/1 and a Simpson "Eshan" X2L Colonel that I call my control brushes. I compare every other brush against them. The only other brushes that I use, that are slightly better then the FS finest, are my vintage restores, using TGN Finest 22mm, short length, knots.
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    I know that many people love them and they are a great buy. My experience was with 1 and it was a awful shedder...... I certainly did not feel bad about it's trip to the round file due to it's price.
  6. I have two finest and one silvertip from FS-none have ever shed a hair, the silvertip is very soft, not as dense as a much more expensive brush but still very good. I prefer the finest brushes as they are still soft but have a bit more backbone. All are fine with creams and soaps and are great face latherers. Are they as good as a 200 usd Rooney finest? No. Do they cost 1/8th as much? Yes. The handles are nicely shaped the cream, black and butter scotch are well done. Very good value.
  7. What he said.

    I have an FS Silvertip, and it's MUCH nicer than my AoS Pure Badger. A very nice brush at an unbeatable price. You'll not be disappointed.
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    Should have re-knotted it. The FS brush handles are great!

    I have got two of the finest. I gave the bulb knot one to my dad and he loves it! I have a custom fan shaped knot with a 47mm loft which makes it not floppy and great backbone.

    The standard loft size is ridiculous at 55mm given it is not a very dense knot, so the high loft makes it useless. I think this is the main reason it has received bad press from experienced users. If you get one of these, do yourself a favour and get a custom made as they are no extra charge!

    Ofcourse, the FS brush is no match to my beloved New Forest High Mountain that is just pure luxury :001_cool:
  9. I used it this morning (after soaking it and treating it to remove the new brush smell). After each rinse and then again this morning it shed a bit. It did make good lather, and I suppose if it stops shedding I'll be okay with it.
  10. I had the finest it shed a Lot I emailed the vendor and he sent me an immediate replacement I feel a bit guilty now as it stopped shedding after about ten uses and is now my daily brush.
  11. I always see the stand on the bay. Nice price too. Anyone have the razor and brush stand any comments on that?
  12. I bought one, a finest, on ebay and I love it! In a couple of months it has managed to loose only a couple of hairs. Also, it never smelled - at all - and feels great against my face. All I need is a decent excuse to get another...:thumbup:
  13. Two Frank brushes in my rotation and they have been excellent. Maybe the best brush for the price point.
  14. Newbie here..first post. But to reply; I bought a finest few weeks ago as well. Very nice brush. Only shed the first time and never smelled. Well worth the price.

    Picked up a Silver-tip from FS last week. Now this one did smell a bit and has shed a lot more in comparison to the finest; but we'll see how it's doing after week's worth of use. If it settles down it will turn out to be one sweet, SOFT brush. :)
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  15. I can't wait for mine to turn up - I ordered with Ian over 2 weeks ago! Damn slow HK Post.
  16. Thanks all, I ordered one after reading this post and it was at my door in days. Looks and feels great for the money and hasn't shedded a single hair yet. I might grab another now that they have silvertip in Ivory
  17. The smell on my silvertip has gone and it feels great; it's still shedding a tiny bit but if it stops by the end of this week I'll be more than satisfied.
  18. Is anyone familiar with Frank Shaving brushes? Are they reasonable for their price range or just cheap junk?
  19. I just used a Frank Shaving Finest badger in a butterscotch handle this am to shave with. For the money I think it's a good brush. The knot is not quite the quality of a TGN Finest extra stuffed, short loft knot. My two Frank brushs only cost me around $18 each, shipped from China. They have gone up quite a bit since I bought mine. I think the last time I checked they are around $19.95 for the finest, plus shipping. I am beginning to think you will be better off finding a vintage brush handle and installing a 22mm TGN Finest short loft in it. You will end up with a better knot and depending on what you pay for the vintage brush to restore, about the same money.
  20. Search on the forums, there's plenty of history. Bottom line: better than "good enough" and very budget friendly. The "Finest" grade seems the best bet (good backbone, soft tips).

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