Frank brushes for sale

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    Frank Shaving
    Silvertip on left,
    Finest on right,
    Great low miles brushes, these are not shedders. I mostly face latherer and boars are my go to preference.
    $40.00 shipped conus for both. PayPal

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  2. Neither of these looks like Finest. Frank Finest is 2-band hair. Here are examples of Frank Finest. Maybe one is Silvertip and one Best?
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  3. I have a Frank's Brush in Silvertip, another in Finest. Have to say I prefer the Finest. Nothing but personal opinion on that call.
  4. If it is indeed best instead of finest, the buyer got an even better deal! Great buy for $40, I have three in finest and love them all.
  5. I have one of his Silvertips, which looks like one in the picture. But I agree about the Finest, at least mine looks like the ones in your link - dark hair with light tips.
  6. Probably is Best but I wouldn't have changed the price anyway. They are great brushes and if they made boars I'd be in some deep trouble...
  7. Just to make it clear, I was not commenting on price in any way, that's your business as a seller to set it wherever you want. I was strictly pointing out that one of the hair qualities might be different. FWIW, whatever the hair quality these are great value brushes.

    Carry on, sorry for the interruption.
  8. Good pick up SirWhiskers, not so much the price as the accuracy in the description. Point taken

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