Four Italian Creams (Almond)

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  1. Recently, I tried 4 different Italian creams to find out which one I like best. This post is my opinion and the results could be totally different for someone else. I used my ItalianBarber 2012 Semogue boar brush to lather in the Italian tradition instead of my Silvertip.

    These are the 4 creams I tried:

    • Cella, Crema Sapone Extra Extra Purissima
    • P160 Tipo Morbido
    • Vitos Extra Super
    • Razorock Classic

    Scents (most preferred to least preferred):

    1. Razorock (strongest and not wimpy; most sweet)
    2. P160 (medium strength; sweet)
    3. Vitos (mild strength; sweetness is between P160 and Cella)
    4. Cella (medium strength; more chemical than sweet to me, I didn't like it)

    Consistency (hard to soft):

    1. Vitos (almost brittle, more of a soap than a cream)
    2. Cella (soft soap)
    3. P160 (soft soap)
    4. Razorock (cream)

    Ease of Latherability:

    1. P160, Vitos, and Cella (all were very easy)
    2. Razorock (took a little more work, may be because it has more water content; you will end up using about 3x more product than the other, more concentrated creams)

    Quality of Lather:

    • P160 seemed to have had a little more cushion, but they all were great.

    So that's it. I will definitely end up selling the Cella and perhaps the Vitos as well. The Razorock and P160 are fantastic. The Razorock smells heavenly, and the P160 smells nice and whips up fast without much effort. If I had to pick a winner, I would go with Razorock because even though it is harder to lather, once lathered, it is of the same quality as the rest. Also, P160 is hard to find and soon will be impossible, so that is another point for Razorock.
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  2. I've only tried the Cella and Vitos. Cella is now my favourite soap, and the Vitos is used to break in brushes. Never did get to try P160, which is a shame as I hear it's that good. I have a tub of Razorock upstairs, unused. Looking forward to it but having to get through a few others first.
  3. I'm using Cella a lot these days, and I only wish the smell were stronger. To each his own. :)
  4. I've tried all but the P160. The one I prefer of those remaining 3 is the RazoRock. However,the Almond creams that easily tops all of these,IMO,is the superb Acca Kappa,which is tough to find in a tub these days in the USA.

  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to evaluate and share your opinion here with us.

    Perhaps the r.160 should be next on your list? (enabling face .jpg)
  6. Thanks for the review, WARRZONE.

    I recently picked up a tub of Vitos Extra Super and really enjoyed shaving with it. It has a lot of protection and the scent has a hint of coconut.

    I also got a chunk of P.160 from IB and I think that it is a quality soap. The classic almond/maraschino cherry scent is excellent.

    I find that you can't go wrong with Cella. You can't beat the lather and the scent is very sweet.

    I have recently found that Razorock products are excellent quality at an excellent price point. I have not tried RR Classic but it will be on my next order from IB.
  7. Any of the soft Italian almond scented cropes are fine for me. I have not found one that I would rate second place. They are all tops in my book
  8. For those who didn't know, there are three types of Vitos shave creams:

    1. Vitos Classic
    2. Vitos Extra Super (added glycerin)
    3. Vitos Extra Super All'Olio di Cocco (added glycerin and coconut oil)
    I have the second one. You might have the third one.

    Here is another fact for those who didn't know: Razorock is re-branded Fitness for Man and Figaro. All three are the same product. Razorock as a product line has the most scents to offer though.
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  9. Nice write up.
  10. Thanks for the great review, WARRZONE. Sounds like fun getting to road test all those creams at once.
  11. Generally agree with your rankings, I also find the Cella somewhat wanting.

    My personal favorites from among the Italian almond soaps also include RR R160 and AK 1869.
  12. Would you try the RR R-160 as it is tallow based almond scented (as are the others tested, IIRC)? The RR Classic is all vegetable.
  13. I would recommend that you give 3P soap a try also, It's veggie based but it overtook Cella as my favorite Italian soft soap.

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