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Discussion in 'The Nib' started by gus, Jul 4, 2007.

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    I own several fountain pens..a Conklin (Mark Twain), a Ferrari de Varese (Ivan Basso), several Auroras (long time beautiful Italian pens at all price ranges), classic (old) italic pens, ball points like English Parkers, lots of writing instruments which have been a life-long enthusiasm....but after a lifetime of appreciating good and great fountain pens, I discovered and bought a Namiki Falcon fine-tipped fountain pen ($140). mechanically, esthetically, performance, it is this pen and that with the suggested Namiki ink (or maybe Aurora ink) and Claire Fontaine (or maybe Rhodia) paper,I would be gladly isolated on a desert island long as there was a functioning Postal System there!
    Basically, writing with a fine pen is a pleasure in and of itself! Try it someday...after a good shave!

  2. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    Welcome Gus!:biggrin:
  3. Welcome, Gus. I too am a fan of fountain pens although I only have two. Writing by hand with a fountain pen is a sensual experience. I will have to check out the pen you recommend.
  4. DoubleE

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    Welcome Gus. I think you'll find a lot of fountain pen fans here, me included. My favorite is my Sailor 1911 with a fine nib. If you do a search, I'm sure you can find a lot of discussion here about pens.
  5. My penmanship sux, bites, is lousy, ............ you get the idea, so I can only dream of the pleasures you guys get from a fine writing instrument.

    Or as we say at work, a "Writin' stick".:biggrin:
  6. DoubleE

    DoubleE Moderator Emeritus

    Mine sux as well Jim. But, it sux a little less with a fountain pen.:rolleyes:
  7. Welcome Gus!

    I am a fountain pen nut myself, mostly vintage pens here (Esterbrooks, Parker 51's, Shaeffer etc)

    Enjoy the site!
  8. To quote my favourite comedian:

    BTW, Welcome Gus!!!
  9. I have a few pens. My best writer is probably my Pelikan M200. My favorite to play with is my old Sheaffer snorkel loader...
  10. Ah, I've got a Sheaffer Statesman snorkel that was my grandfather's. I rebuilt it and often carry either that or my Parker "51" Special (probably my most reliable pen). My most expressive pen is an old Moore Junior, but it's tempermental, too, wanting to dry up on me. But when it's working right, the nib just glides.
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    I use a Lamy Safari at work, and sometimes a Rotring Core. I don't have any of the classics, but I do have a number of Waterman Phileas pens and my favorite is a Waterman Charleston.

    Do a search on fountain pens and you'll find a few threads floating around.

  12. Waterman Opera, Mont Blanc Meisterstueck, 2 Cross FP's of different sorts, 3 Lamy's, 2 rotring 600's, Pelikan Level, and I rotate them regularly, cleaning the pen when it runs out and letting it sit awaiting its next turn in the rotation.
    I have truly egregious handwriting, but always noted that i could write better with a FP. A few months ago I acquired a book entitled "Write Now" from Pendemonium. Cost--a mere $17, and in a matter of days, I had rather neat and legible script. 3 months later, my handwriting is rather nice and pleasant--something I never really believed I could do. So, you can teach an old dog new tricks, even at 65.
    If you're not writing with a fountain pen, you're missing out on a truly wonderful experience, and while the sky's the limit as far as price is concerned, you can get a truly excellent fountain pen for a very reasonable price--look at the Lamy Safari's, for example. And you can learn to write well. 3 months ago I couldn't read my own writing, (egregious was an understatement.) today people marvel at what a nice script I have. Believe me--if I could do it, you can too.
  13. I've got myself a beautiful metallic blue Parker (UK) Inflection, works like a charm. Thinking of picking up a Waterman in the near future as well.

    Noodler's inks, now there's a wonderful product. Their legal-lapis is about the most gorgeous ink I've seen, and their UV ink is just far too cool.
  14. TimmyBoston

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    Welcome Gus, I write with a Pelikan M200 EF custom ground by Richard Binder. I also have a Waterman Carene Rollerball.
  15. Welcome to B&B, Gus!
    I have a Parker 51 (Vacumatic) and a Pelikan Pelikano, both outstanding pens.

  16. Pens are at least as addictive as shaving gear. The bonus is that you don't have to wait on whiskers to use your newest pen. My current writing stable encompasses: two Parker 51's (aerometric Flighter and a Vacuumatic), two Heros, a Duke, a Lamy AL Star, a Waterman Phileas, a Pelikan Rollerball, my beloved Namiki VP, and two Sheaffers (Lifetime and Sentinel). The next acquisition will probably be a Sailor 1911. Writing with a good pen is a real joy, IMHO.

  17. *sigh* I feel a new acquisition disorder coming on... :biggrin:

    Mike in Michigan
  18. Is this the book you referenced? Thanks in advance, J.
  19. Wanna start a support group? I'm just across the river from you.
  20. The only fountain pens I have are the cartridge types. I have one Parker, and one no-name that my mother got from a book club. And a calligraphy pen. All of them use plastic refill cartridges with ink. I looked at other fountain pens, but if you want a quality pen they're ¤#*¤%# expensive! Unless I win the lottery, or manage to trick someone into giving me a disgustingly well paid job, I won't be able to afford one, I think...

    Also, I don't write enough by hand to keep the fountain pens I have from drying out, so I mostly use ball-point pens when I need to write something down by hand.

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