Fountain pen nibmeisters.

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  1. What nibmeisters have you used, or recommend? I have used Richard Binder, who is very good, but his back log for service can be quite lengthy. Any others?
  2. Are you on FPN? I've used Watch Art or I do it myself.
  3. I have used Danny Fudge at a couple of times and he is great. He's very fast and doesn't charge you until the work is done to your satisfaction. His prices are very reasonable as well.
  4. Greg Minuskin
    John Mottishaw (
  5. MikeItWork is highly recommended. Binder, while highly regarded, takes a very very long time.
  6. Thanks for all the leads fellows!
  7. I have only purchsed Richard's nibs, not had him work on a nib I already owned. Great work though...
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    I was thinking about getting some work done by Pendleton. He can be found on FPN. His Pendleton Point looks nice.
  9. I had totally forgotten about him. Great guy to work with!
  10. SMG


    You could also try the Canadian Nibmeister who is on the B&B board. Me!

    Check out and ask on FPN about me for references.

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    Good to know, Sean. I've heard good things. Nice website.

    I see you weld, do you retip nibs with new iridium? I've got one old Osmia with a problem.

    As to the original question, yes Binder is slow but worth the wait -- fantastic work. One great but little known resource if you want a nice grind is Pendemonium where they employ the services of an ex-Sheaffer worker. Great stuff at only $20!
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    In honor of the great MParker, let me be the first to say this here-

    Q: What'a a nibmeister?
    A: A guy with a nib and an ego.
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    You are quickly developing a unhealthy obsession with Fountain Pens .........

    Welcome to the club !!!!!!

    BTW a Nibmeister is a person who sands. grinds, sets and otherwise repairs and or tunes nibs to perform at their peak. Also usually repair pens as well .
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm going to start referring to my accountant as a "Digitmeister" :w00t:
  15. If you can get in contact with him. I've tried several times to get a pen from him and never got a response.
  16. I send my fountain pen repairs and restorations to Sam at Pendemonium.
  17. I've had two done by Binder, but they were new pens, and I don't know the before/after. I also had a nib that was Customized by Pendelton Brown (PB2 on FPN). I don't know if he does general tweaking or just his Italic conversions. It is every bit as good, if not better than the CI that I have from Binder. That said, it is on a pretty cheap Chinese pen.
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    I thought that was......... oh, never mind.

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