Found Antique shaving brush ( pic heavy )

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  1. i happen to find these 3 antique shaving brushes.. they are incredibly huge !!!!
    i am posting the pic along with a $5 bill to show its magnificent size..
    now I don’t know much about their history, so I took them to my local library, where I know one historian. She states these brushes dates back to the times before the Victorian era.
    The brush is heavy, the bristles are very very soft (I used it for shaving !!!!! ) used Trufitt & hill 1805 and lather was fantastic… the handle is all marble… Felt kind of weird to use and navigate as I face lather, but was fun…
    Any more information on these brushes will be greatly appreciated…

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  2. Is that horse hair?
  3. yep
  4. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    For a minute there I thought you had one of the mythical unicorn horn handled brushes.

    Seems quite impractical for actual usage. Anyone know why the handles are so long?

    Are we absolutely sure they are shaving brushes? Might they be paint brushes or something else?
  5. wow, did i just shave with a paint brush ???? u r right it did seem impractical when face lathering
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  6. I think those might be fly swatters bud.
    Guessed time is right, most knots were horse but I've seen some cow, and who they belonged to was well off. Only ones I've ever seen were wood handles.
  7. This may sound like a complete novice question and to kinda reiterate what TheVez asked do you know they are actually SHAVING brushes and not for something else?
    They do seem very unpractical to use unless your bowl is somewhere along the lines of a tennis ball can.
  8. Looks cool!
  9. camel whips?
  10. TheVez2

    TheVez2 Contributor

    Nice, I really laughed when I read that.
  11. Interesting.
  12. +1
  13. TheVez2

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    I see the pic, but what the heck, man. Is that for writing calligraphy on the side of buildings?

    That made me think of this:
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  14. TheVez2

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    OK, that makes a bit more sense, thanks!
  15. .....they might be turkish neck brushes....... the brushes that barbers use to clean off your neck after a haircut....
  16. wow, so many suggestions !!!!!
  17. Another +1 here.
  18. Scholars maintain that uses for those brushes were lost hundreds of year ago.

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