Found a place in North Alabama that sells...

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  1. I found a place in Muscle Shoals, AL that sells TOBS, Speick, Col. Conk and RazoRock. The place is called Third Day Seed, it's a country store/gift shop kind of place. I grabbed TOBS in Rose and a tube of Speick, hate I didn't get any RazoRock, so I'll definitely be going back!
  2. It sounds like they have a good selection. If the proprietor of the shop allows, pictures of the products on the shelves and an address would be helpful.
    If you can, please list whatever other products they carry.
    Thanks for the helpful post.
  3. It's something they just started carrying. Here's a link to their facebook, it has pictures of the products, as well as contact information.
  4. Yeah, I think that would be a great idea!
  5. where at??? in Florence? Shoals? Tuscumbia?

    eta - tracked it down from their FB page, next time I'm in town i'll stop by, won't be til about July 4th time frame though.

    nice find!!
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  6. Looks like they're only open the first Friday and Saturday of every month. When I went, they had a small selection, about 7 Speick, 4 RazoRock, TOBS 2 in rose, 1 St. James and 1 Sandalwood. Definitely worth checking out! I'll try to get pics next time I go.
  7. They're open this weekend, I plan on going, so I'll take some pictures while I'm there and post them.

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