For sale: Merkur HD (34C normal) excellent condition

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  1. Hello,
    For sale: Merkur HD (34C) in excellent and almost as new condition (has been used very little, max. 2-3 blades)
    It is a 2 piece razor with the normal safety bar.
    Comes with the cardboard box.
    Price is 25 EUROS shipped to Europe or
    28 EUROS shipped to any other country including US and Canada.
    Payment via PayPal is possible.
    For any question, please PM me,
    Thanks for your interest,

    PS. I also have a Merkur Classic Comb (15C) that is in the same excellent condition. It is a 3 piece razor. Also comes with the cardboard box.
    Can be added to the offer mentionned above for an extra 15 EUROS.
  2. Just so you know, these are available new for 35usd=24eur shipped in the US, and 37usd=25eur shipped in Europe, so you may have trouble finding a buyer at this price. Regards.

  3. 1 EURO is worth about 1.47 USD nowadays...
    I bought them 30 EUR and 20 EUR here in Belgium.
    And I sell them 20 EUR and 15 EUR...
    Logically they should be much more expensive in the US (despite lower sales tax in the US).
    I guess Merkur sells them for less in the US... also we have 21% VAT (sale tax) that is included in the price (when this tax is not included in internet sales in the US) :-(
    Nothing I can do, I am in Eurozone
  4. also our postal service became very expensive, especially for EU sendings:

    The Merkurs are produced in Germany (Solingen) and not in China that's why I expect(ed) them to be (much) more expensive in the US.
    But it seems that this is not the case...

    I can gladly consider a trade for a Gillette super adjustable long black handle (in very good/excellent condition) :)

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