For Sale: Ever-Ready brush with Whipped Dog knot

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  1. I'm selling a restored Ever-Ready brush with a 20mm Whipped Dog silvertip knot set at 50mm. The overall height of the brush is 4-9/16 inches. The hollow handle is filled with epoxy, so it has some good heft. You'll note that the cream colored section has some slight discoloration (see pics). This is a fine performing brush, it's just that I like small brushes (4 inches or less with 18mm knot), and this is just too big for me. I've used it maybe 10 times.

    Price is $25, which includes shipping within the U.S.


    $For Sale 1.jpg $For Sale 2.jpg
  2. That is a nice looking brush. Is that a bit of a swirl pattern in the lower portion? Good luck with the sale!
  3. Nice brush. Somebody snatch this up so I don't.
  4. It's not a swirl, just some slight discoloration on the lower part.

    UPDATE: Sale pending!

  5. It's still August, right? MUST. NOT. BUY. ANY. SHAVING. GEAR!
  6. I have that same WD knot in an old handle and it is sweet.
  7. Pm sent

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