For Sale: 2 Simpsons and 2 Colognes

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  1. Good afternoon, I have for sale 2 Simpson brushes and 2 high quality colognes.

    First is a Somerset Simpson Persian Jar 3 in best. The gentleman that owned it before me special ordered it with a shorter than usual loft, a 48mm instead of a 52. Thus the brush is more dense than the standard model.
    Price is 90.00 shipped CONUS or 95.00 shipped Intl. Paypal is preferred. *SOLD*

    The second brush is a Vulfix made Simpson Polo #8 Super in the 2-band hair. *SOLD*
    Price is 115.00 shipped CONUS or 120.00 shipped Intl. Paypal is preferred.

    The first cologne I have for sale is a 100ml bottle of Czech & Speake Cuba. *SOLD*
    Approx. 85% full. (you can see the level in the pic)
    Price is 70.00 shipped CONUS only. Paypal is preferred.

    And last but not least, a 100ml bottle of Trumper's Eucris cologne. Used only 3 times.
    Price is 45.00 shipped CONUS only. Paypal is preferred.

    Thanks for looking,please PM me if interested.
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  2. Price drop on Polo #8 to 125.00
  3. Would someone please put me out of my misery and finally take those fabulous brushes away from me.:07: Wish I had the cash and sense to afford them!!
  4. FWIW...The Polo 8 is my fave brush!!
  5. Great stuff from quality seller!
  6. jakespoppy

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    PM sent for Cuba.
  7. Polo #8 and Trumpers Eucris still available!
  8. Last price drop. Polo now 115.00/120.00 and Eucris is 45.00
  9. Polo is sold!

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