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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by Paul, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. From TSA's permitted and prohibited:
    Item Carry-on Checked ==Carry on/ Check in==
    Razor-Type Blades - such as box cutters, utility knives, razor blades not in a cartridge, but excluding safety razors. ==No/ Yes==

    Does this mean that we can carry on DE blades?

    Traveling tomorrow for first time since i've been DE shaving, and would hate to have to go back to disposable or check, with the high prob that my luggage is going to be delayed/lost.

    What do you guys normally do?
  2. If the destination has a Walmart or drug store, I'd just pack your DE and buy blades when you get there. It is my understanding they cannot be carried on. Since you can't take fingernail clippers, I'd guess DE blades would be out as well.
  3. No, you most certainly cannot carry on DE blades. The TSA site is confusing in this respect. You have the following options:

    1. buy blades at location
    2. mail blades to the location before you fly
    3. check your blades
    4. use a disposable-cartridge razor

    Best - MM
  4. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    You can't bring a DE blade onto the plane - don't even try to sneak it on.

    You're either going to have to check your blades or go with a cartridge/disposable.
  5. Paul,

    I wouldn't try it. Frankly the rule is not clear. It says you cannot carry a razor blade that is not in a "cartridge" but also says that "safety razors" are ok. Which means it totally depends on the screener. You might have no problem, you might have them confiscate any blades, including the one in the razor, and you might have them confiscate the whole bloody razor.

    Basically, for me, anything that involves a decent likelihood of causing TSA to manually search my carry-on is definitely not worth the hassle.

    I generally prefer to carry on, not check, for shorter trips. So cartridge it is. (Yes, you could take the razor, and buy blades there, but checking your bag is WAY less trouble than that.)

    In all fairness to baggage handlers and statisticians, I would say there is anything but a high probability that your checked bag would be lost or delayed. I fly an awful lot, and have never had one lost or delayed. It certainly does happen, but it is a very low probability on any given flight. And when it does happen, they are generally very good about delivering to your door asap.

  6. Thanks!

    That is confusing- so I can carry my safety razor, but not with blades in it, but they dont state that...

    Our tax dollars at work:)
  7. Actually, nail clippers and nail files are good to go, now.

    You can even take pointy tip grooming scissors now, as long as they are < 4".

  8. castlecraver

    castlecraver Moderator Emeritus

    The one time I (not knowing it was verboten) tried bringing my DE and blades in my carry-on, the blades were confiscated when I cleared security in Cleveland. On my return trip, the screener in DC still manually inspected my carry-on, as she saw the DE safety razor and needed to confirm that there were no blades loaded in it.

    So, you might even be causing yourself a minor inconvenience bringing your DE along and planning to buy blades at your destination, depending on the screener.
  9. I find that color coding helps. :smile:
  10. I'd recommend buying them at your destination over mailing even. Last night I was mailing some blades and things were very pleasant up to "oh, what are these?", to which I casually replied "razor blades". I could have handed that woman a lit stick of dynamite and she would have reacted about the same.
  11. I travel quite a bit and my bags are regularly delayed. On one trip all of my flights were late going and coming (to South Korea). It happens regularly and you should be prepared. With that said I can go 6 months without a delayed bag and then it will happen twice in a row so it's pretty random.

    I'm planning on carrying my razor with me on this next trip and checking the blades. I've got a soapbox with a foam insert and I'm planning on putting that in the key tray so they don't have to go through my bag.
  12. I don't want anyone to try it and have their shaving gear confiscated but I've never had a problem traveling with my safety razors. I pack it in my carry-on bag all the time. I've even been taken aside so security can go through my stuff. They've gone through my dop bag with my gear and they just put it back.

    I'll add that I've gone through many of the bigger airports where security is very heavy.
  13. I didn't chance it this week when I flew from Houston to Chicago and back, so I took my Razor sans blades. My razor was never inspected, nor was any other search of my bags done. In the future, I think I will pack a box of blades separate from the razor, so if it is checked, the blades may be confiscated but the razor isn't.
  14. I don't know where you got your info but the TSA site says it DOES allow safety razors.

    Here's the link. Just scroll down and you'll find this line in bold:

    Safety Razors - including disposable razors. Yes Yes
  15. Oh ok I see it. It says "excluding safety razors" so everything else is prohibited - not safety razors.
  16. It's a minor inconvenience, except when everybody has such minor inconveniences, security slows to a crawl. I used to believe in carrying a bladeless DE, but have come to think of it as a surefire way to slow down the line. If you want to be as considerate as possible, pack a disposable or two to get you through your trip, or check a bag.
  17. Yeah, the problem is that it is unclear whether they really mean a DE razor with a blade in it. Because it pretty clearly says that razor blades are prohibited.

    As a lawyer, I can think of all kinds of ways to interpret that. But that doesn't matter a hoot if a TSA person says, "razor blades - not allowed." What are you gonna do, sue them for confiscating your blades in violation of their guidelines? No. Personally, having discussions with TSA people, or having them have to open my bag and poke around, is WAY more hassle than I am inclined toward.

  18. I haven't flown in about 10 years, but you can't even pack the blades with your luggage that goes in the luggage compartment of the plan where it would be very close to impossible to get to during the flight? Surly the regulations can't be that insane?
  19. I flew last summer - the razor was OK for carry on, they just checked to make sure there was no blade in it. I put the blades in the checked luggage, worked out great.
  20. Let's face it, most of us have shaved for years with cartridge razors. It ain't THAT bad. Loading the kit with one for a few days hardly seems a major sacrifice.

    "Luxuries are my necessity," yes, but I like to think I'm tough enough to live a short time without my DE. Most guys still prefer to shave with cartridges!

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