Flaming Lips- Embryonic

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by TennJed, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. So anyone else out there into the Flaming Lips?

    If so what do you think of their new album?

    IMHO it is a very mature and different sound for the band, hope they release it in 5.1 surround sound very soon!
  2. I was one of the few that did not think it was amazing. It was solid but nothing spectacular. Some of the songs actually drive me crazy. Only two songs on the album I really liked were Your Bats and the Impulse.

    Favorite Flaming Lips album for me is The Soft Bulletin.:thumbup1:
  3. Yes Soft Bulletin is great, but doesn't compare to Yoshimi in 5.1

    I just like jams and experimental music and enjoy most of it. The song with the chick making animal sounds is such a waste of time and really hurts the flow of the album.

    Album at times reminds me of Echoes era Floyd

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