first wetshave, thinking of trying DE wetshave later tonight.

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  1. Hello,

    I just wanted to post a little feedback on my first wetshave from a couple days ago. I used Taylor's Avocado cream, Conk pure badger brush, Conk Trac II handle with Conk Trac II cartridge. For aftershave I applied Thayer's alcohol free rose and some Nivea "extra soothing" balm. Overall, I really like how the cream lathers up with the badger brush and of course the smell is great too. Even with the cartridge razor, I got a much better shave than usual. Still managed to nick my neck because it was irritated from shaving 3 days in a row with cheap disposables. Plus I think I really need to work on going only with the grain around the the neck region. With the cheap disposable razors and canned cream I developed a bad habit of going across the grain around the neck because I use a straight downstroke all the way down my face. Not good.

    I'm thinking about trying a DE wetshave for the first time tonight and will post feedback after that.
  2. Good luck!
  3. Good Luck!

    Enjoy your shave!
  4. Good luck! What DE setup do you have?
  5. Enjoy the DE shave! Keep us posted on your progress and results.
  6. Man, the Trak II. I can no longer remember what it was like when I first started shaving regularly, like in the Army in 1982.

    RE: Your neck: You should let your beard grow out untll you can see it in the mirror, Then using your hand check the "grain". If you're like me, the lower third of the hair on your neck grows up, so that the downward shave is XTG and not WTG. Knowing the direction of beard growth, and following the WTG first reduction pass is key to a irritation free shave.

    Prep is also as important, of course.

    DE Shaves are the best. There is nothing like the feel of an HD razor. Keep at it.
  7. It is great to hear you are getting primarily good shaves. The neck is a very tricky place to navigate a razor of any type. Take slow deliberate strokes and be sure you have lather on the skin before you take that pass.

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