First Two Weeks of DE Shaving

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  1. Hi All,

    Like many, I have been lurking and bought myself some supplies to hopefully start to enjoy shaving and get a better shave. I had been shaving for about 7 years with twin-blade Schick disposable and the cheapest canned gel I could buy. Since I started shaving I had always wanted to learn more about shaving with a soap, brush, and what I thought were cool looking razors (DE's). A couple of weeks ago I picked up the following
    • Merkur 180
    • Col. Conk Bay Rum Soap
    • Tweezerman Brush
    • Art of Shaving Unscented Aftershave Gel
    • Derby and Feather Blades

    So far I have shaved about 10 times and my shaves keep getting better, but I am having a bit of a problem figuring out the grain pattern on my neck. I am looking to pick up a blade sampler to see if anything suits me better than the Derbys, I have been weary of the Feathers and not used them yet since I have been getting a better shave each time with the Derbys because my technique is getting better.

    Just figured I would say hello.
  2. Welcome to the group Chris !!
  3. Hello Chris, and welcome to the forum.
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  5. Welcome!
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    My neck has given me fits forever. DE shaving has finally solved that problem. Whiskers grow in all directions there, so I have to adjust the direction and angle of my razor. Seems so simple, but when I did the same thing with all those cartridges over the years, those stubborn neck hairs stayed uncut. A single edge was what I needed all this time. Amazing. You guys have been keeping this "new" shaving method from the rest of us!
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    I have found that the "fear of the Feather" actually sped up my learning curve in regards to the light touch/no pressure technique. I started with Derby and Astra blades and am now getting great shaves with the Feathers. I fully intend to give the Derby's and Astra's another long and full turn in my rotation and they may be great down the road. I just figured with all the hoopla about the sharpness of the Feathers, I would pratice my beard reduction technique by letting the weight of the razor do the work and that is exactly what has happend. The alum bar is tingling less and less. Maybe the Feather blades are a great training aid :)
  8. Hi Chris!

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