First three ahaves and already questions?

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  1. Well I recieved mt parker 29l, 90r, and 99r in the mail on monday and omg those are the most beautiful peices of metal I own. Each one is different and i love them all equally.
    so my first shave was with my 90r with astra blades. It was a good shave but after 3 of the fastest passes of my life it didn't get me bbs. I take all the blame for that shave because i was rushed.
    My next shave was with my 99r. That's an awesome razor. I not rushed and did my three passes and the sgave improved. It was smoother with fewer missed patches. I really liked it. It had feather blades.
    my best shave so far has been my most recenc one. It was with the 29l with big ben blades. It was super close and i made a great lather. All was good. My question is "Is it too soon to tell which razor gives me the best shave?"
  2. I don't think it's too soon to tell which razor give you a better shave now. But it might be too soon to tell which razor will give you the best shave in the long run once you get your technique down. You're probably better off just picking one razor for a month or two and get your technique down before you pick one razor as your "best."
  3. Hmm. That makes sense. Thanks
  4. WAY too early.

    I can think of very few things in my life where, first time out, I knew for sure that it was the best or worst for me - especially for something like a DE where SO many variables need to be taken into account (lather, soap, blade, technique, level of stubble, brush, beard prep, etc.). This is why second dates exist. :tongue_sm
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    Yes, it is too soon. Give each razor a chance to see how it performs. However, my advice is to stick to ONE razor for at least a month before moving on to another. As a newbie you need to get your technique perfected before moving on.
  6. I agree with Nicky about sticking with one set up for a while. This removes a lot of variables and will help with technique.
  7. +1 on Nick's advice. AND after a month or so when you do change the set up, change only one thing at a time and stay with that one thing for a few days to see if you get used to it and it works in your overall routine.
  8. In my opinion its more about all the skills coming together no matter what razor/soap/cream/brush you use. I'm sure you can find a razor that makes it easier however. Don't give up on what you got though. Unless you have some money to burn!! :D :D :D
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    Yes, waaaay to early! Learn from my mistakes. When I started out I had a Merkur HD and gave up on it for a milder razor, the EJ DE89. Got better results upfront with the EJ, but revisited the Merkur a few months later only to get even better shaves with it than the EJ. At this stage you don't really even know what you don't know yet! As you progress you will develop likes and dislikes. My only advice is don't get rid of a razor right away if you don't like it. Hold onto it for a while and revisit it later on when your technique, likes, and preferences have developed and you may surprise yourself. If you still hate it, throw it up on the BST!

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