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  1. After dipping my toes into straight shaving on Tuesday (did both sideburns), last night I went ahead and did a full straight shave. Overall went pretty good. As expected, it wasn't as close as my DE shaves but still decent. Definitely a learning curve and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out angles and how to hold the razor comfortably when going in certain directions. Only one nick/cut and it wasn't even when I was actually shaving. Was holding the razor over my upper lip area and tried to contort my lip to do the left hand side and since I was looking in the mirror, I ended up moving my lip in the wrong direction and right into the blade. I now know my razor was very sharp. Pretty clean cut and didn't bleed much but I felt silly afterwards. Other then that, great experience and look forward to improving my technique.

    It was definitely a learning experience. Found there were times where my hand was getting in akward positions so there was a lot of repositioning and trying to get comfortable. Other then that it went not too bad. Did notice I did a better job on the right side of my face then I did on the left but I figured that just comes from being right handed. I was happy to find no razor burn or irritation after. Felt like that meant I was getting the angle correct. Or as close as possible to being correct.

    Going to watch a lot of videos on how to shave. One of my problems was trying to figure out how to shave around my goatee so if anyone has any suggestions as far as direction or how they hold the razor I'm willing to listen.
  2. I rarely cut myself while shaving. For some reason, I cut myself in some way about once a week while not shaving too. Odd...

    I am right handed too, strongly right handed. I have never shaved with my left hand. The first few months, the left side of my face was more difficult. Slowly, it has become the easier side to shave. Both, good. The left, gooder!
  3. Congratulations! :thumbup:

    I made a conscious effort to start using both hands...I reasoned that it was a totally new skill in either hand. It seems to be working as my grip feels more comfortable in either hand and I seem to be shaving both sides evenly! However, I do favour my dominant (left) hand for some of the trickier areas (my top lip and the groove in my chin particularly).
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    Excellent! You had the right expectations!
  5. To shave around the sides of my goatee, I turn the blade vertical and to stretch I grab my chin and lip right where the hair ends on that side and pull away from my ear. The first few times I did this I ended up taking a few hairs off that I wanted to keep :blushing: but it got easier and is not a problem now. I do the same thing when shaving around the lower part, I will grab my chin and stretch the skin up. I usually turn my head at an angle to the mirror to be able to see better.
  6. Congrats on completing the first shave! It takes time and practice. I'm right-handed but using the left eventually got easier. Keep expectations reasonable and keep working at it, and eventually you'll get the shave you want.
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    Im with Larry and Chris on using both hands.

    when you use both hands you'll also be able to sculpt your goat better.
  8. Another vote for Ambi-shaving. It will never be easier to learn correctly than right now, when you're developing the habits you'd need to break to learn it later.

    No worries on the cut - consider it a sacrifice to the shaving gods (they are old gods, and love blood) for many years of satisfied shaving ahead!

    Also, welcome to the cooler side of the fence. Don't get busy telling all your friends who are still regular DE users about how awesome it is over here, though. They just won't understand. :lol:
  9. You just said a mouthful. I don't think all the shaving expertise in the world will get me over my natural clumsiness. :001_rolle
  10. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I'm glad the point about switching hands was brought up as it was something I was going to ask. I tried doing the same thing on both sides with each hand but after thinking about it, I could probably do 75-80% of it comfortably with just my right hand while only using my left for tricky areas or places that were just too uncomfortable with my right. the only time it felt equally comfortable with both was probably my initial WTG pass after that it was all bets off. I'm sure that would change once I get some more experience though.
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    congrats on your first straight shave!
  12. Congrats on your first shave. I would recommend using both hands as you will be able to use similar techniques on both sides of your face. Your weak hand will pick up the strokes in no time.

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