First shave with new Weber Classic Handle on EJ DE89L head

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Wyokid, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Wow! Love the extra heft and it made a difference for me in the smoothness of my shave - maybe just felt more secure in my hand while shaving. Expert craftmanship by Weber and made in the U.S.A.! Seemed easier to maneuver and overall better shave for me. Thrilled with purchase!:001_smile
  2. these handles make a hell of a difference, make a good razor... a very good razor, good solid well made handles for the price.
  3. If there was one bit of advice I would give to someone to improve their shave, it would be invest in a heavy handle for your favorite head. It turns the razor into a Power tool. Think a DeWalt of DE!

    I have an Ikon bulldog handle on my DE89 head and I have a BRW (RIP) on my NEW long comb. I quite collecting razors, I don't think I could improve on either of them. I'm done.
  4. Congratulations and wait until you try a Weber head!
  5. I have same combo, i did this about a year ago, got me a weber bulldog handle for my EJ89 head, Turned an Excellent razor "EJ89" into an Awesome Razor :eek:)
  6. I love Weber handles -- they're the "grippiest"!

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  7. Glad I made a wise choice! I got my Weber Bulldog Handle delivered today - can't wait to try it tomorrow! Love the DeWalt comparison! We need more power!
  8. I just received a Weber bulldog handle yesterday to try on a DE89 head. I personally found it too heavy for my liking. I'll be sending this one back if Weber will let me. The quality is excellent, though.

  9. You are so right! My Weber Bull Dog handle delivered yesterday and I just might like it on the EJ DE89 head more than the classic after the shave it gave me this morning!
  10. Sorry you didn't like it.
  11. +1 on that!
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  12. Doesn't it offset the balance of the razor? I thought the center of gravity should be close to the head, so that you can shave with no pressure?

    It looks great, btw!
  13. Graybeard57

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    Why not give it a week? One day doesn't seem like much time to decide. I was unsure after my first shave with the handle on an EJ DE89 head, but loved it after a couple of days.
  14. Yep... Heavy handle on a DE89 equals a much better shave

  15. I strongly second Graybeard's advice. I'd go even further and suggest that a week is too short for a fair test. I say this because I also used to think that the Weber Bulldog was "too heavy". I got used to it over a period of several weeks. I'm glad I did, because there's no doubt in my mind that a heavier handle makes for a more efficient, closer shave. I now regularly use a UFO handle that makes the Bulldog almost seem "light" by comparison.

    So, give it s longer try. If it still doesn't work out for you, someone will snap it up on B/S/T.
  16. the first time i have heard anyone say they did not like the bulldog,my advice is to give it a bit longer,let the weight of the razor do the work, if all else fails you will get your cash back selling it on bst.
  17. I also use the Weber bulldog with the DE89 razor head. What worries me are the stories of the razor screw snapping off leaving it lodged in the handle. It would be a shame to have that happen and lose the Weber handle as well.

    Wish someone made a DE89 head all stainless!
  18. That's a good combo for sure...
  19. The Bulldog is great, but I like the Classic handle even better. Must be the way I grip the razor--I love the extra length.
  20. I like all of the Weber handles on the DE89 head a whole lot. Bulldog is favorite, but it's close.

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