First shave with Muhle 41 Grande

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  1. Great results with the Muhle 41 Grande. I started wet shaving a few months ago with a Merkur 34c, then bought a Mergress. My skin / beard: heavy stubble and not sensitive. Decided I wanted an aggressive non-adjustable razor and bought the 41. Used a feather, good pre-shave prep using Jojoba oil layered with Proraso green tea pre-shave cream and then AOS lemon shave cream: mismatched scents, but they are what I have. Closest shave I've had by far, BBS! WTG, XTG and ATG. As I was finishing under my nose with an XTC, I switched to the 34C out of caution, but the 34 couldn't find anything to cut, the Muhle had been so effective, the Merkur felt like it had no blade! Two slight weepers on chin, and did nick myself slightly under the chin on an XTG. Alum block did not find much burn. I am sold on the 41, for me the 34 eats its dust.
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  2. While I am loving more and more my R41 I still love the 34C.
    The 34C is a razor I can pick if I'm in a hurry or if I want to shave without thinking too much about it. The R41 requires that special attention and I may not be always in the mood for it.
    No doubt the R41 shaves you closer like no other, but for me the 34C is still great, just in a different way!
    Congrats on your nice shave!
  3. +2 Love the Mule R41 also, I turn to it when time is limited with a straight. Shave are outstanding and comparable to shaves with a straight razor. The Mule R41 has been label as a straight razor in double edge clothing. Enjoy & happy shaving!
  4. Picked up my R41 for the first time in a while last week. Loaded a new Super Iridium and lathered up using SNM. I was able to get a good 3-pass BBS by remembering to respect the razor and use light light light almost non existent pressure, especially on the XTG pass which is where my neck weepers usually sprout. Finished up with alum block and a cold rinse. Sweet
  5. Excellent. That's how my Gillette New 1930's is. It has to be respected.

    I'm glad that you had a good experience.
  6. I am seriously considering the Muhle R41. Is the difference between the standard and the Grande significant? from the stats it looks like it is just over 1cm longer, with a thicker handle. It doesn't sound like much of a difference to me....
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    Great news, i think that you made a great choice on Grande, one of the most effective and good priced moderns.
  8. Welcome to B&B!

    Great razor the Muhle 41! The 2011 R41 is one of my absolute favorites.
  9. I believe the only difference is a larger handle. I read herein that some upgrade the regular R41 with a large Ikon or Weber Bulldog handle so I thought I'd get the Grande and get a larger handle right off.
  10. Congrats on the new Muhle R41 and the shave. It is a very good razor. Now enjoy that long lasting shave.
  11. Nice man. :thumbup:
  12. The handle is longer and thicker like you mentioned and heavier. Some users complained about how light the Muhle Original handle was, so they prefer the heftier feel of the Grande.
  13. I have both handles and enjoy both. Smile. Rose gold and a grande muhle r41 2013

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