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  1. I bought a straight here that was not shave ready. I believe I got it pretty good, not as good as more experienced members could do, but enough to shave with. I had four moles removed from my face, three were directly in the shaving area, so I took a week off from shaving to make sure I did not irritate the moles. That, and my girlfriend was out of town so she wouldn't see my face and complain that I hadn't shaved.

    Anyways, I followed my usual routine of shave after shower, but this time I superlathered with VDH and KMF lime, then face lathered. I went WTG, XTG, and ATG. I had one (barely) weeper in the crease between my chin and lower lip. Other than that, I had a bit of irritation and redness at the back corners of my jaw. I then applied alum and witch hazel as usual, and noticed very little sensation from either.

    The shave I got was not BBS, but I'd have to say for the ability to remove 1 week of hair, I think I did a pretty good job. I'll have to try to get the edge nicer, and I should have some lapping paper in the mail soon.

    PS, I'm finally learning how to use NO pressure while shaving. Couple of times, I thought I was about to get a huge gash from using too much pressure and the blade skipped on my face. By the end I was only hearing the blade cutting down hair instead of feeling it. :thumbup:
  2. First shave and it was on a big growth? That is balls. My first time, I shaved (one pass) with a DE and then figured it out. If you got through it all with just one weeper then you did well. BBS will come after practice but it sounds like you will be a quick learner.
  3. I wouldn't call it BIG growth. I don't have a full beard or anything, and probably just like 4mm long hairs. I'll probably use it off and on for a while to try to figure out honing properly.
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    +1. Being able to shave off a self-honed edge is a major accomplishment!
  5. Sounds like you did well indeed. Honing should sort itself out with practice. Just pick a known good method and go!

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