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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by General Burnside, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. SO my saftey razor just arrived about twenty minutes ago and I happened to have just stepped out of the shower (I'm a late riser). I decided it was time to become a real man. I put in a Long's DE blade, lathered up my aloe cake, also from Long's (I've been a brush and soap man for a couple years) and went to work. In most of the areas I was very pleased at how easy it was to get a good angle and a close shave, but some spots were trickier. I assume it will take a week or two till I get it down. Even with this being my first time and ending up with a dozen plus weepers on my neck, this is probably the closest shave I have ever had! And I only did about two passes, it's going to be a bit before I try going across under my jawline. I can't wait to get some decent blades and improve my technique because this is great. Even with all my knicks, my face and neck especially is less irritated than when I used to use a mach3.

    Styptic pencils hurt like hell and I don't think I will be using mine again.

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    Congratulations -- keep up the good work!
  3. I have no idea what a Long's DE blade is but I started off with Derbys and used them until I had my technique perfected. They aren't too sharp/dull. The best advice given to me was to use really light pressure, I was so used to bearing down on my face with those Fusion razors that it was really eye-opening when i saw the results!
  4. +1 . . . Use hardly any pressure.

  5. I found Kyle's shave prep tutorial very helpful:

    I've noticed a significant improvement in both closeness and comfort by adding three minutes of hot, wet towels prior to lathering. I apply the towel for a minute, re-wet, apply another minute,...

    I've also learned to keep my lather on the wet side. Originally I was aiming for a lather that was too thick and it turned out it was too dry. I wish I had figured that one out a lot quicker.

    In retrospect, this is also fantastic advice (especially item c):

  6. That thing with the pressure is probably alot of what was happening to me. I was impressed with how smoothly the razor would glide across my face when I got the right angle. I just got this to tide me over until my straight razor gets here around Xmas. I hope I can get such a good shave with that.

  7. Instead of using a styptic pencil, try just using cold water and see if that will deal with scrapes and weepers. I have a styptic pencil in my shaving kit, just because it was cheap to buy one "just in case", but never use it.
  8. Nice one. Quick word of advice...beware Razor Acquisition Disorder! What DE you using at the moment?
  9. Your first DE shave got me back down memory lane. Somewhere around 1990 I had my first DE shave: no brush and soap yet and also some loss of blood but damn, it was the first shave that gave me hope for the future. Trying to shave for about 12 years at that time.
  10. Scottish Steve,
    Using a Gillette NEW short handle with a Long's generic blade.

  11. As far as I'm aware, they're pretty agressive....very good, but a brave choice for the first shave. Anyone reading this know how they compare to a Single-ring? I'd get some olive/avocado/rice-bran oil and keep the pressure v light. Surprised no-one's heard of the Longs....I wonder if they're a hidden gem or you're about to get a revelation when you use one of the mainstream faves? This is a weird forum and hobby....yes, it inexplicably manages to qualify as a hobby. Be careful you don't get sucked in!

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