First run through the sampler pack

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by camjr, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Well, as the title suggests, I've now used one blade of every type contained in the sampler I ordered at the same time as my EJ DE89l. Derby, Bluebird, a couple types of 7 O'Clocks, a couple different SuperMax blades, several Treets, a Feather, and one or two others. Some great, some good, some meh...

    Back to a fresh Derby today. It did a great job. It will be interesting to compare all the blades again now that my technique has surely improved during the first time through.

  2. No clear winner or surprises to report yet?
  3. You like derby... Try some Gillette blue super, or blacks... Sharp and comfort but you can buy 500 derbys for the price of a 50 pack of those
  4. I think I must have expected too much from the Feather. I felt it was average to above average, but my whiskers didn't jump off my face in fear or anything like I was led to believe. I really liked both SuperMax versions I tried. Didn't care too much for the Bluebird or Gillette Goal. Liked the different Astra's and 7 O'Clocks in the sampler. Disliked the Treets, but liked the Derby's.

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