First OC shave- Gillette Old Style (I think).

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  1. I have been shaving with a Gillette FB for a few weeks and have been itching to try something new. I picked the Old Style since it was the only other DE razor I currently have. For preshave, I used a hot towl, some ProrsaiaI used an Astra blade. I got a good lather on my face and started shaving. I did my normal 3 pass shave (WTG, XTG, ATG).

    I'd heard a lot about OC razors. I know lots of guys swear by them. I did not get the greatest shave ever. The first pass (WTG) was pretty good and smooth. However, I did not get a very smooth ATG shave. I could still feel stubble when I was done. HOWEVER, I am not sure it was the razors fault. The blade was on its last legs (shave #4 or 5). I feel like after the first pass it may just not have been cutting as well. I DID notice that I got no razorburn at all on my normal spots on my neck. This could just be me gaining more experience, or the change in razor.

    I will try this again tomorrow with a fresh blade and see how my shave is. Any comments and suggestions appreciated!
  2. Make sure the blade is loaded straight and that the amount of blade exposure is the same on both sides. There is some play in the blade when you load an Old Type.

    The effective angle is probably narrower on the Old Type than on a Fatboy at any setting other than 1 or 2, so you have to manage the angles carefully.

    follow those instructions and use a very light touch and you will be rewarded with a good shave
  3. Thanks! I've discovered a light touch is key with any safety razor the hard way :p. I generally run the FB at 6, I found that to give best shave with little irritation.
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    try another blade, and just shave it off like buttah.
  5. Some good advise here already,sounds like you're off to a good start.The OLDs are a favorite of mine,stick with it and you'll be pleasantly surprised how many subtleties become apparent,they're fun to shave with.
  6. What is it that makes the OC different than the safety bar? I know a ton of guys here who swear by them.
  7. Well, open-comb razors usually have more blade exposure than safety-bar ones. The exposure coupled with a good blade and the open-teeth allow a better cut of the whiskers, in my opinion.
    Of course, YMMV, but for many gents, here and the BOTOC, nothing beats a shave with a good open-comb razor! Smooth, close, no irritation; what more can you ask for! Good luck and be fair to the razor and change the blade. You will need to find the best blade for open-combs as each razor is different.
  8. I definitely am not judging this razor till I tried it at least 5 times... especially because I was using an old blade. I'm pretty curious to see what all the hype is about"
  9. That's a great policy to have, IHMO. Never judge a razor, or blade, until you've used it several times.
  10. Definitely. Plus, I'm pretty new so its always possible its just me being a newb. But in this case im 90% sure its the blade. Part of the fun of shaving is using scientific methods to improve your shave!
  11. Also, if you don't like it, put it away for a few weeks, then go back to it. Amazing how a little time away can change an opinion.
  12. Personally, I never try out a new razor with a Old doesn't give the razor justice IMO...and 4-5 shaves for me is way too long...I toss my blades after shave 3...blades are the least expensive part of this hobby.

    Like others have said, make sure the blade is properly lined up. With a light touch, and proper blade, the Old Type can be very rewarding. It is more aggressive than other vintage open combs....out normally recommendation in the BOTOC for newbies to OC razors in the 1930's NEW....but the Old Type is one of my favorite razors....I find it extremely effective in stubble reduction and can get a good BBS shave in three passes with very little touch ups required.
  13. Totally agree with ¶1. And, come to think of it, with ¶2. I find that the aggressiveness of Old Types varies from razor to razor. For example, my petite Milady Decolletée Parisienne (photo #1) is rather mild, while my restored OT with the new (solid) handle (photo #2) is fairly aggressive, similar to the MMOC (photos #3 and #4).




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  14. IMHO...The change to a thicker more rounded cap around 1920 changed the shaving angle and decreased the agressiveness somewhat.I prefer the pre 1920 Olds with the thinner cap and shallower shaving angle.
  15. Both of the OTs above seem to have the thicker cap. Both have no serial numbers, and I've been assuming they both date to sometime in the 1920s. Yet the shaves are different.
  16. Today I have it another shot with a new blade and got much better results! My face was very very smooth after the 3rd pass. I made pretty sure the blade was even as recommended here. I did end up needing slighty more trouchup than normal. Probably just technique.

    I'm not 100% sure, but my razor look almost exactly like the second picture Viseguy posted. It has no serial/patent numbers, and just say Gillette on it.
  17. Yes - excellent advice.
  18. Old type, single ring, ball end, 1928-ish. I have one. A bit aggressive (IMHO), but a nice, close, shave.
  19. I guess my future plans for this razor are just switch off between it and the FB and see what differences I notice. Hopefully I will have more of an idea at the end of the week, after I rack up a few shaves.

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