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Discussion in 'General Shaving Discussion' started by ValueKnifeLover, May 7, 2012.

  1. Today I received my first DE razor in the mail. It's an Edwin Jagger DE89. The only question I had to ask was...

    ... WHAT TOOK ME SO LONG!?!?!

    For one this thing is beautiful. I had grown a couple days worth of scruff in anticipation... naturally :innocent: It was slow going at first while I got used to it (I have only ever shaved with newer cartridge razors and this new endeavor had me being a little more cautious). After a while it started to catch on and holy crap was it smooth! Best shave of my life. The results are more than decent. I have a few spots that could have used more work but for my first time it is great, most places are baby smooth. I had one nick that was my own fault and some irritation on my neck that I pretty much always get when I shave but I think it will actually go away with practice (my prep in that area was pretty lazy).

    Anyway, just wanted to put up my first post and share how excited I am about this new hobby and can't wait for my next shave!
  2. Congrats and good luck on your future shaves!

    Welcome to B&B!!
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    Congratulations on your successful shave and welcome to B&B. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. Lots of fine folks here are always ready to help you on your wet shaving journey.

    Relax, have fun and enjoy your shaves.

  4. Nice! Great razor to begin your journey, and I can't seem to go back to my 34C after getting one!

    What did you use for lather?
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  5. Congrats from a fellow newb (one month in). You'll be amazed by how much you learn in a short time. It's a journey of exploration and discovery completely your own. No one can provide a map; only clues on what to look out for. With time and technique, you'll have the best shaves you've ever known.
  6. Welcome 2 B&B from another fellow DE newbie. Enjoy your DE journey. I know I am.

  7. Welcome to B&B.
  8. Well done, glad to hear your first shave was a great success
  9. Welcome and enjoy the journey.
  10. Great razor to start with, well done and welcome aboard
  11. Welcome to B&B, may this be the start of a long and worthwhile journey, enjoy every step, it is worth it in the long run.
  12. Congratulations, and welcome to B&B!:thumbup1:
  13. Congrats! Great choice on razor. I got a case of RADS when I first started, but kept coming back to my EJ and love it!
  14. Welcome to B&B!
  15. Welcome aboard. It is great to hear about how much you enjoyed your first shave. It only gets better from there!
  16. Congrats.

    Yeah, after a few months you'll gaze at that razor after another successful shave and wonder to yourself why everybody in the world doesn't want to shave this way.

    then you'll waltz past the shaving aisles at Target or WalMart and just feel sorry for the poor suckers ruminating over which hugely overpriced cartridge they should buy.
  17. I find this hilariously AWESOME! If you look at my first post - it says the EXACT same thing!!! I too have the EJ89 Barley, and love it. I hope you got a sampler set - that's been fun dialing in on what works best so far for me.

    I also get a bit of irritation on my neck. Something that has worked for me is using pre-shave oil, and I focus a little more on prepping this area with a tad bit more oil. It's helped out tremendously.

    Welcome to the board from Jax Beach...enjoy the ride!
  18. Welcome! I had my first ever DE shave this morning with a '63 English Tech. Definitely a little slower going in my experience too. Can't want to shave again, which is pretty impressive since I usually TRY to only shave once or twice a week if I can help it =)
  19. Have fun on your journey and enjoy everything that comes with it. I'm eyeing an EJ89 myself having my Merkur long handle 180 right now. It just gets more enjoyable as you continue.
  20. Shiver me timbers! Captain, we have rescued anoder scaliwag from the cartridge sea. I'll go fetch the rhum smartly, a great day saiz I !

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