First DE shave ever

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  1. Hi guys,

    Had been checking out this site and decided it was my first time to have a real shave in 43 years.

    Bought myself a Commoy DE razor and some Prorasa soap.

    I absolutely loved the expereince. Cheeks no problems, no blood, no razor burn.

    Neck is a little bit prickly but will hopefully getter better with experience.

    I am having difficulties getting a nice lather with a bristle brush.

    Any suggestion would be most welcome.
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    Welcome to B&B.

    Boar brushes take a little time to break in so be patient. For some lather suggestions check the wiki.
  3. Neck is the trickiest part because it's usually sensitive. Keep trying and you'll get it. Watch mantic's videos on youtube for tips. Trick with lather is to use little water at first and add few drops while swirling around. Eventually it will build into something respectable.
  4. Hi and Welcome!!

    As ackvil said, the boar takes longer to break in, but it really IS worth the wait! Personally, I've found that even though the boar lather isn't as thick as badger (a bit less 'Santa'), the cushioning and glide has been far superior to my (decent) badger brush. When you get the water/soap balance right with boar (which varies as it's running in), the shaves are exceptional.
  5. Welcome Aboard!
  6. Congrats on the shave, and welcome.
  7. Welcome!

    Just use the boar brush every day and it'll get better with time. If you don't shave on a particular, just use the boar brush to make a test lather to help break it in faster.
  8. Welcome to B&B !!
  9. Welcome to B&B.
  10. I was 54 before I had a DE shave and couldn't believe how close and comfortable it was. Made me feel like a first class sucker for falling for the cartridges and disposables so many years.
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  11. Welcome back. I'm a 65-year-old returnee myself.

    Learn and enjoy from a wonderful resource we never had "back in the day."
  12. [FONT=&quot]Welcome to the forum !![/FONT]
  13. 30 years until my first DE shave this past weekend and I won't go back to cartridges. Lady Gillette purchased and on the way for the SWMBO.
  14. It took me +30 years to "see the light"... And now I'm happy I did!!!!! SWMBO too, in general....

    Welcome aboard and enjoy your shaves!
  15. Thanks for the advice and support.

    Shaved again this morning and cant believe how good it feels to get nice and smooth.
  16. I had started to get into wet shaving about 10 years ago, but I was still using a Mach 3 so I ended up losing interesting. Been shaving with DE for about a week now, and it's an absolute revelation. Welcome to B&B!
  17. Greetings and Salutations to B&B. Enjoy the new experience.
  18. Hello!

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